Thralls, Resourses and Siptah

I realize I came back from a very long break. So far I am loving my return. I decided to play on Siptah just to try it out. It feels as though the Exiled Lands are much easier than Siptah to get everything short of iron and coal. (Maybe just where I chose to Live)

Named thralls seem scarce. Brimstone is a pain (lol) Baby animals even seem more difficult to find. I feel like in the exiled lands you trip over them.

Wondering other peoples experiences.

Also. I do enjoy Siptah. I just have 10 more levels to go and I have not even made Steel. That seems odd to me. Sorry…I made Iron. Not Steel. Facepalm


Siptah is way easier to farming nodes, has way easier clime and way richer loot than EL. Give it some time and you’ll see. The problem with Siptah is knowledge. It is mostly based on rng and this is the grindy part in Siptah. Thralls and pets are extremely easy to find, but named crafters is another story. Especially blacksmiths and Armorers are a really hard bet.
The lack of teleporting in Siptah is another (pve) issue. In exile lands I build wherever I want because I have map rooms and I can be across the map in seconds. I have seen wonderful islands and landscapes in Siptah that I would love to build, still the neccecity to be close to the “center” stops me from doing it.
On 8001 my teammates deside to build in an island…
I barely log in in this server, no matter how beautiful is the landscape, the idea that I will be on a horseback for a great amount of time is killing my will to play in this server.
If you want specific info about something in Siptah just shoot it.


This was very helpful actually. I do feel the RNG for reals, but I just wanted to make sure that I hadn’t fully forgotten how to play.

I am fine with tier three thralls to be fair. I like named ones, but if i am not mistaken they took out some of the need to have certain people craft certain things. Like I can have a crafter and they can still make all of the armor or weapons, but at a higher cost? Or perhaps I am wrong. If this is the case, then Siptah is infinitely more difficult.

Still…I am enjoying my experience. I think I am just very much used to the original Exiled Lands.


This map is very useful for everything Siptah. Brimstone is scattered near the Vaults.

As for named thralls, I agree they are hard to find in the wild…however, Surges are the best way to to obtain named thralls.


I am using it. I was looking for Brimstone. I went to the closest node location and got almost eaten by some kind of dog/cat with a nasty bite and almost melted due to heat. lol.

Also, I realize the RNG nature. I went for pets and they were not there. :slight_smile:

But I will give it another whirl. :slight_smile: Thanks Powellful

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I stopped playing Siptah at the end of its early access, so I don’t know if my experience with the resource distribution is even remotely valid anymore. If it isn’t, then I apologize for adding noise :wink:

At any rate, my conclusion from that time is that Siptah and Exiled Lands have a different design when it comes to resource distribution, and that this was intentional. I don’t think either is inherently better or easier, they’re just focused on different goals.

In Exiled Lands, it’s perfectly normal to have “hot spots” for a resource. No matter how easy a resource is to find all over the map, there’s usually at least one spot where you’ll find high concentration of it. Some examples:

  • brimstone: Shattered Springs
  • wood: Oasis of Nekhet
  • iron:
    • Godsclaw Passage
    • Tower of Bats environs
  • stone:
    • silver mine near Sepermeru
    • volcano

And the list goes on. Point is, Exiled Lands are designed to have areas that provide strategic access to certain resources. Indeed, some resources can only be found in certain areas and are completely absent from others. This has its pros and cons, and has a strong influence on where you decide to build.

Siptah, on the other hand, seems to try to deliberately avoid having “hot spots” like that. Or at least, that was the case back when I played. You can plop your base anywhere on the map and still not be too far from the vast majority of the resources. You might not be able to get a high yield in a short time, like you can in Exiled Lands, but you also won’t have to worry so much about your location.

As for the thralls, I know for sure that changed drastically since I stopped playing Siptah, so I don’t have anything useful to say there.

In general, I still prefer Exiled Lands, even with all the changes I’ve read about on Siptah, because it sounds like Siptah is still too much gacha-esque for my personal tastes.


It is pretty. I will give you that and I love my base location in Siptah. Overall it looks good, and yes. I can see your point.

It has changed for sure though, with hotspots being quite obvious when it comes to precious brimstone. I do not wish to live close to the center. it isn’t for me.

Access in the exiled lands is much easier…but also as mentioned the hotspots can pigeonhole you into build areas.


K9 on the map (desert area) has a lot of brimstone nodes. I normally farm there. There’s also a couple of Scorpion Bosses there to farm…one drops a shield and frag of power, the other drops a skeleton key. That location is also Yakith free (the dog/cat that killed you) :slight_smile:


Once you get familiar with the locations on Siptah, it is far easier to farm resources there compared to EL. Brimstone is mid map, or in the citadel in large quantities.

Just curious, did you start on the east side of siptah? That is the worst area on the map for just about everything.

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Siptah much easier for resources. Harder for T4 s …ill see saw that one. Depends what your looking for.

But ive got stacks of raw materials. I dont even make alchemical base on Siptah- i loot it.

EL i actually make alchemical base.

As a result my thralls get outfitted quicker on Siptah than EL.

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I hate that Dog/Cat!

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I started on the West Side. I found a really good place. (Good for me) in an area that has a good amount of beginner items. Iron, Rock, Trees, and stuff to make the basics. Overall it is a good location. I just need to explore more I think based on the other peoples messages.

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Demense of the demon spiders on the west side is my favorite base spot on siptah. Very resource rich. And in reality, a few trips for star metal and you will have enough for, well, ever.

Southwest outside of the citadel around the accursed camps is nice too, will keep you rolling in eldarium

To be fair a weeks worth of work was decimated by a purge. I am not really interested anymore. I cant stop tier 4 warriors in siptah.

Siptah is the easiest farming map

So…is it like the old days. To stop the purge you play once a week. I know that in the exiled lands you get snakes and easy things dependant on your locale.

With Siptah its level 3 to 4 purges. That is pretty heavy. When you just start.

I like my server and the people on it. I don’t quite care for Siptah as a whole. Ill play for the people.

Edit. My purge was level 6 accursed

With Siptah it also is “dependent on your locale”.

Was by the starting area on the west. Just up a river area.

Either way, from digging into forum posts this seems a common issue.

I was going to restart, however, my friend convinced me to remake on the same server. The people are good there. I like them.

I watched some vids and the purge is pretty much always going to be Accursed tier 6. So I just need to have more downtime and log off more in order to avoid it. So when the meter hits the point you take a week off or some such thing. This is what he advised me to do.

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