[QUESTION] Purpose of Siptah development?

Hello. I played CE around 700+ hours, 100 of them was on Isle of Siptah. I did all content there including new locations and come to that question.
So, why developers spent so much time and resources on this map instead of improving Exiled Lands one?
Lets compare - if you check server browser and count all ppl who playes on Siptah map servers you barely count 500+ players. Also if you check Steam achievements you will be shocked how little players base has ANY achievement from Siptah. That means that most of ppl who bought CE didnt bought siptah at all and dont even tried it.
That leads me to question - whats the point of developing new content and bug fixes for map woth 500 playerbase?
Age of conan (its another funcom game) for example has around 200-300 ppl playerbase on both servers but there are no new content for that game for years, no techincal support, no gms - nothing. But AoC has ingame shop and payed subscription which CE hasnt, so in financial term there are more value in developing new content for AoC then for Siptah (!). But FC doesnt. instead they keeping updating that “dead” island.
Also, about the island, what we have here? Tons of korean-mmo style grind, with tons of random, in a game with full loot, ok.
What are these?

  • random emotes (nuff said) on siptah, that are NOT random on EL
  • way less legendary chests and bosses that drops keys to them (on EL you have tons of bosses with keys and chest lying next to them in 1 meter!)
  • you dont have many recipes or resources from EL on siptah, for example you dont have Silent legion armor, yes, you have Black Knight armor, but it comes from SURGE that you need to spawn, and farm 1000 ??? for t4 surge, kill all tough bosses and pray gods of random to drop silent legion piece that can be turned into recipe for 100 eldarium ingots at bench. And only than you can craft it, but without t4 armorsmith it will be worse, so you need to farm that thrall too but there is a problem…
  • too less named thralls on Siptah. yes, they added npc camps (with tons of mobs but no named thralls because of RANDOM chance to spawn which are TOO LOW on Siptah) but believe me you will spend 10x more time farming them that you do in EL.
  • also there are too little good t4 fighters that you can farm and use in battle. And their spawn chacnes are too low (compare that to cimmerian berserk spawns on EL)
  • chests that scattered across location and in npc camps drom s*it items and they are not themed, for example Grey ones chests can easily spawn with fiber or just leather in it (thats hilarious).
    Also Siptah dont have storyline and no global purpose (get rid of bracelet on EL and what we have on Siptah? Perform a t4 surge? Really?), its lore are a mess, it has cinematics but their story are dumb, like bunch of monsters that posess magic powers ran away from primitive humans and locked themselves inside that dungeons and then for centuries just degraded there. Only me thinking that this is stupid?
  • too much random and grind overall, you cant just play on Siptah, you need to FARM (remember Sigils that drop on death lol?), always farm and grind, and if you play alone or in small clan you are doomed to farm that for very long time.
    In long term Siptah brings NOTHING new in game mechanics, now new bosses with new tactics, dungeons looking good but they all are copy-paste with some additions.

So, besides all of that, why devs abandon EL and creating new content for Siptah still? Will we ever see Quests, new locations, new bosses or anything new for EL in future?


I agree with you on a lot of points…

IoS is mostly random which transfer into grind. Spend 35 frag of power to get the Void bow… didn’t get it, but did get 7 heavy weight truncheon &$^%$.

Done the vaults around 200 times now and never got the grandmaster armourer or weapon or midnight alchemist what the ^&%&%.

There are some good things, like unique recipes at the end of the vault on the parchment but why has both serpentmans vault the same recipes?

Why aren’t the recipes from EL added to this vault? Same reason for the others… we rely on RNG endchest recipe which is terrible I would have been okay with random it didn’t give me a double recipe like I GOT THE TOTEMS ALREADY **%^& off I need the other recipes!

It does make sense why there less player on IoS a lot less players but DLC’s happens in every game, however the RNG doesn’t help the sales.

The map has less variety, you have but a few biomes, its a shame the mainland hasn’t got the quality of the bottom lands they added later on.

If they ever make a new map they should really think about the key recipes being available they don’t have to be the same, but should somewhat have the same qualities to EL counterparts, you don’t need the god armour if there is a alternative.

If ever… a new map should have somewhat the same items or a counterpart, key recipes should be accessible in the world not behind RNG.

The new map should be a new experience exploring lands dungeons and caves, cultures and stuff. It doesn’t have to be a new way of playing like they intended to do with surge on IoS which is fine… but the basics should be in place first.

I’m afraid I keep repeating this over and over… nothing might change :confused: still enjoy the game but if there is someone doing it better than Funcom I might be gone. So please step it up Funcom, the basics of the game is amazing.


I suppose the main issue is that they ran out of space on the original map and that it is much easier to start something new than to work with a map that has been years old also taking into consideration the no wipe policy. I won’t be surprised if at some point, they link the maps (not just by transfer).

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Were you speedrunning?

You’re comparing the player numbers for the free base game map vs the paid upgrade, of course there’s gonna be less. Not everyone buys dlc and that’s normal.

Bruh are you for real

Bruh are you for real

I can’t even. I’m gonna go fill out my bingo card from this cringe thread


You know after reading this bashing on Siptah I understand the amount of things that were not grind fests but did give the option to do so if you didn’t know about the short cuts in the map. For the OP, take half the time you did researching EL and you will find IoS secrets that will make you take back half of your complaints.

There is grind…and lots of it to get specific knowledge that we took for granted in EL (like Grandmaster stuff and bestial memory). This is the legit complaint on how Siptah zigged when it should have zagged.

Anyways…legendaries…not much point in them when you can hit a vault and learn how to make something better than them. Thralls? Gotta know where to hit. Once you do, you are swimming in them (just like EL). Sigil complaint…are you sure you played Siptah because you don’t farm sigils (except Fiend because…well you should if you understand the sigils and using them. Farming sigils is only if you are transfering players). You farm Eldarium and that is no different than star metal. Also EL has not been abandoned. I am recently back playing in it and they have done wonders in the graphics on the map and hte mechanics have improved since i got distracted with the novelty of Siptah.

My largest complaint about Siptah is that you can tell that the focus of the map is drastically different to promote player battles vs exploration.


Yup, I agree with @erjoh here. All legit points.

I’ll offer an example I think is cool just for fun.

From a tiny 3 mob camp I took all my thralls. About 40 crafting thralls and 65 combat thralls. I only took T3 or T4 thralls and killed all the others. Out of 105 total taken and likely 200 killed only 5 of them were T4. One bladesmith, 3 archers and a fighter. That’s about a 1.5% drop rate - pretty dismal. But I didn’t care, as I believe T3 combat thralls are for the most part about the same as most T4 combat thralls.

Then a pretty groovy guy joined the server and we became friends because I gave him some bears and weapons when he was level 10 or so to help get him started. He’s a very aggressive player and about a week later when he learned all my thralls were T3 he started coming by the base every day and giving me three or four T4 thralls. This have been going on for a week straight and in total I’ve replace over 20 of my T3’s with the T4’s he’s given me. I learned that he wants an all girl army so he’s giving me all the male thralls and some of the weaker female ⚢ T4’s that he gets. He himself has added well over 20 T4 thralls to his “harem”. He’s getting most or all of them from doing the surges which I sometimes participate in. It doesn’t feel like a grind most of the time because he involves his friends while doing it - so it becomes more of a social activity. When you think about it - no matter how you go about it - it’s not more of a grind than getting thralls in EL.

He’s also giving T4 thralls to another player too but I dunno how many. So that means he’s been able to get about 50 or 60 T4 thralls inside a week. So, you can’t really say T4’s are rare on Siptah. :wink: Unless, like me, you only try doing it the hard way.

From my experiences on Siptah, the only thing that is somewhat grindy is Eldarium farming. And only then if you’re just doing the same vault over and over. There are enough vaults that it’s buttloads of fun to run the circuit :dizzy: solo or with a few friends - at the end of which you have enough Eldarium rocks to made about 500 bars. Since 500 is enough to last a month in most cases you only need to repeat this about once a month or maybe twice a month if you’re crafting like a mad man. That’s pretty far from being a “grind”. :wink:

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Except harpy…that vault came from hell.


Since I still think this is the dumbest post I’ve seen all week, I’m gonna take some extra time to go through your dumb points to show how they’re dumb.

Oh no, you mean I can’t just randomly stumble upon a ghost doing the same dance in the same location at all times across every playthrough? How unimmersive, how terrible this change clearly is. Variety is to sin, everything must be stagnant.

I’ll give you half marks for this. I wish this were the case too, but also the chests are still in the map, just in vaults and near the tower. Incentive to do the lategame content which by your post I have a sneaking suspicion you’ve barely touched.

Yes you do.

Go play the map. Go find it, it’s in there, I can assure you. Just because you didn’t find it in your few hours of play doesn’t mean it’s not there.

No you don’t.

Learn how to use a delving bench and visit the tower.

oh no, needing a thrall to make armor. Clearly this isn’t an issue on both maps, only siptah.

Nope. Same amount. They just did away with the guaranteed spawns which people abuse for meta.

Again, see above.

There’s plenty of good fighters. You’re just mad the guaranteed berserker from the mounds isn’t there. It’s almost like that was the intention. I honestly wish they’d remove that spawn from EL too…

so like on the exiled lands?

I’ve found the same loot in the black keep, what’s your point?

You mean they didn’t include that one thing that’s universally disliked and complained about? Oh no, how dare they listen to feedback and not include a disliked feature. Clearly you should be able to walk off into the ocean and delete your character.

You’re a mess. This post is a mess.

Only me thinking you is stupid.

Just because you don’t understand it doesn’t mean it’s dumb. Go read a book.

This point legitimately infuriates me. You’ve clearly misunderstood the story and gotten things out of order and can’t seem to grasp that. You don’t know the source material and you don’t understand what’s going on.

So you mean that thing you do on exiled lands? I think you’re mostly just mad because they removed guaranteed named spawns and now you can’t metarush endgame stuff as quickly. If you’re not a fan of grinding or farming, go play another game. This one isn’t for you.

You’ve essentially just confirmed my suspicion you barely touched this map. Haven’t gone to the storm? Pools of the grey ones? Done the vaults? I can tell not.

I implore you, delete this post. You’re an embarassment.

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This whole thing is extremely cringe. Sooooooooo many things to counter, I hardly know where I would begin.

Instead, I’ll just reply with the one word this thread deserves.



Which is funny since I believe there are at least two 100% spots for beserkers in Siptah…one in the farming area for the asura survival armor…for those wanting that hard worker perk early




in my opinion the exile map is much better, siptha seems to me that it is more designed for pvp, the center is the place to learn the feats quickly and you find resources quickly to build with black ice, the second circle is the ancient temples for the discharges, where the wars are concentrated, the discharges are seen on the map and thunder is heard warning that some clan is looking for slaves, it is time to kill and loot. the third ring are dungeons where you collect seals for war and the cherished eldarian, forge powerful weapons and armor better than the legendary ones from exile that were left to keep in a chest, now everyone dresses the same, you don’t see even one dlc armor. and finally the 4th ring the farthest or peripheries of the island, where people usually make large bases and hide away from the circles of possible enemy encounters and the pluses or extras on the oxidiana islands that gave life to the oxidiana weapons, formerly you ended up throwing them on the ground and the statues to call the bosses. In my opinion it is a map to go to farm quickly and kill. PVP

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I don’t care at all, but I guess it’s a problem for some.

Way better craftable loot. There’s almost no point to even have the legendary chests on Siptah.

They’ve stated they wanted it like that. Have a reason for visiting both.

I’m pretty sure you can get the recipe from SL light, it just has to be the base version (made with no crafter thrall). You can also get SL pieces from one of the summoned bosses in south east corner of the map.

When I started on Siptah I would have agreed. After finding good routes, it felt the same as EL.

Cimmerian Berserker has 1 guaranteed spawn. Accursed Berserker has 1 guaranteed spawn. The named Accursed (Siptah version of Dalinsia) also has a guaranteed spawn.
I would like a bigger variety of top tier thralls though.

I think chests on Siptah has way better loot. fx it’s almost too easy to farm steel bars from chests.

No idea, I skipped all the cinematics and don’t care about the story, lol.

Agree on that.

Almost all bosses in EL doesn’t require tactics either. (and the ones that do are still super basic)

TBH I just wanted a new map to play with.

As far as I know there’s one guaranteed spot for Berserker and one for named Accursed, plus a couple of spots with higher than normal spawn chance. I also always find one or two random spawns in the Accursed Citadel.

Or in other words:

To be honest, when you play the Isle of Sipta you realize it’s actually a pretty cool map. Much better than Exiles, at least in terms of game mechanics. You might be able to say that Siptah has a monotonous terrain and few biomes, which would not be wrong, but it has a lot of advantages over the old map. For example:

  1. More powerful weapon equipment and richer weapon effects.
  2. Studying weapons and armor greatly improves the fun of the PVE collection party. There are 10 weapons in each of 11 series. Have you really finished studying?
  3. The figurine system, supply box system, and grave digging system are random systems that give PVE players the motivation to compete. After all, this is done twice a day, and if someone else picks it up, it will be gone.
  4. Diversity of titled slaves. Although there is a bug in this version that caused the Asa craftsman’s clothes to appear bugged, the craftsmen in each of the 6 directions are unique. Isn’t this much better than the stupid slaves in the old map who basically only wear straw clothes except for their names? Although Asian clothing is mandatory to wear clothes, but the tattoo craftsmen of the southern wave, the mink coat craftsmen of the north, and even the Roman helmet craftsmen of the new northeastern wave are not better than those leather coats of Laotu?
  5. Siptah’s animal collection is also very interesting, there are a lot of really good animals. And unlike the fixed spawning of cubs in the exiled land, their cubs are randomly spawned, and collecting them is just as interesting as collecting T4 legendary slaves, isn’t it?

There are many more I won’t say, but I have to say that Siptah is definitely a good place for PVE collection parties. The biggest criticism is that it is very troublesome to connect with the old map. However, I have a transfer system in the official server, so even these problems are not big.



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