Siptah being ignored?

The update only talks about events in Exiled Lands so what about Siptah? Is it being ignored or is this shortsightedness on the part of the community team that did the live stream? This is stuff players who bought Siptah need to know.

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Siptah will not have the new story area/dungeon but it will have the rest or at least this is what I understand from the stream.

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However that serves as a problem because you can’t add a dungeon and story like that to one map and not the other that would be negligence because the are excluding those who play on Siptah. Last I checked the maps were on the same planet so the story and eclipse would effect both. I am starting to question the thinking of the Dev team. We need honest answers.


Since FUNCOM mentioned new dungeon as one of golem part sources you have to bring back to make advanced versions of golems - it looks like dungeon itself will be present on Siptah. This of course raises another question - what will event itself be all about, since you don’t have to have active event to place golem crafting stations and have access to dungeon regardless of active event - will new blood stone resource availability be tied to active event? If they also be be available all the time then “event” itself boils down to moon changing color :new_moon_with_face:.

Its worth noting that Dennis did not refer to it as a dungeon. Its also worth noting that the vaults are only accessible on Siptah and Warmakers/Black Keep/Sunken City/etc are only Exiled Lands. Also the religion trainers and Mek-kamoses are only EL. Everyone who owns Siptah has the EL map too. The new “area” is story driven. If there is no story driven element to put it on Siptah then there is no reason to have it there.


Honest answer? Exiled Lands is accessible to everyone and can be played with the base game. Siptah is a DLC addition that costs extra. It is not an equivalent portion but a supplement. Your original premise that they are equal is false because it was never a stand alone game, just an additional map. Exiled Lands is the stand alone game and you have access to all of the items discussed if you have the Siptah DLC because you have the base game. Go back to the base game if you want those tid bits.


Yes however not everyone wants to play on Exiled Lands hence the point of my post. Chapter 3 is their way of coaxing players back to EL. Ask yourself why now when previously they claimed EL couldn’t be expanded any further which is why we got Siptah. So yes honesty plays an role as chapter 3 shows lies have been told to the community for years.

Yes and not everyone likes either Siptah or EL and some play on Savage Wilds or other custom maps without any caravans or events or anything :man_shrugging: Your point being?
Why would there be any obligation on Funcom to develop their maps equally?
And how would it make sense for a story that’s been initiated on the exiled lands… by the set religion trainer who is a sorcerer imprisoned there… to be unfolding on… Siptah?.. The dude himself said that if he could remove his bracelet then none of that would be necessary as he could just magic away :stuck_out_tongue: without all the silly blood crystals and whatnot.

However that’s a bit of a lore-sided explanation… The real one is what Codemage presented in another similar thread:

Even so! Aside from the story though, every other part of the new Chapter, including golems and blood crystals and the journey revamp with Siptah specific entries… it’ll all be there :stuck_out_tongue:


However mods can’t be used on consoles so Wild Lands is a moot point.

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As someone who plays on IoS atm, I can see the point op is trying to make. If we want to experience all the new content, we have to start from zero on the original map and potentially be serial refreshers on IoS, not ideal.

On the other hand, knowing that IoS was not as successful as we were hoping, it is understandable why the devs might want to direct their limited resources to developing the base game which is accessible to everyone.

I guess, I will wait and see whether the portion which is missing in IoS is something worth making a new character for.


it’s not, because the point was that if you CHOOSE to play on another map than what content is added to, then that is your personal choice.
You can’t blame poor Mek-Kamosis for being locked up on EL and not free to roam around Siptah :man_shrugging:


No but I can blame FC for a situation they brought about. They could have added a new area to Siptah so fans of both maps got the same content. Mek-Kamosis wasn’t the only Setite priest and adding a second island to Siptah wouldn’t have been a far stretch and would’ve proved that FC wasn’t a joke after all their previous failures. Instead they make the same mistakes they made with Age of Conan.

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It’s still an expansion DLC.

Look, it’s really simple. Whether we like it or not, development costs money. Conan Exiles gets a slice of budget for its development, and then that slice has to be allocated to different development initiatives.

Everyone who bought Conan Exiles has access to Exiled Lands. But only those who bought the DLC have access to it.

Now, I don’t have the numbers, but Funcom does, and it’s not a great leap of logic to conclude that their numbers tell them that the percentage of people who bought and are actively playing Siptah does not make certain updates to it cost-effective.

Bear in mind that they’re not completely skipping Siptah. They’ll make all the features from the new chapter available, which already requires a certain amount of effort to add to the map. They just decided that the additional effort to integrate all of the new content, with a Siptah-specific spin, isn’t worth the potential revenue.


I’m one of those people who doubt they will do that, even though they keep saying things like “disabled until further notice” instead of “we ain’t bringing it back”.

The way server transfers worked turned Siptah into a P2W DLC, and that’s actually a big problem.

And for PVE-C, too.

And then listen to the screams of everyone here who thinks exclusivity is super important. We’ll all be exposed to a never-ending torrent of “I got ripped off” and “lazy deadbeat freeloaders who want everything for free” and “I’m never giving Funcom another cent” and “I’m taking my toys and going home”. I used to think most people weren’t like that, but boy, have the last few months disabused me of that particular bit of naivete.

I think the 3.0 attribute and armor redo did wonders against the Siptah P2W. The vault items are still a bit problematic but only 2 are truly over the top. Gloves of Jhil and the fist of the drowned. Gloves of jhil due to that stamina thing and fist of drowned due to 3 massive perks (health and agility which puts the gloves at vermin hide level gear PLUS 30 cold resist) that actually make me think the fist of the drowned is a far better import than anything else. Outside of those things…the rest is just blah. Even the Aspect of the demon because the armor stuff has changed so much that it’s weight just isn’t worth the % redcution.

I’ve been waiting a bit over twenty years for Scars of Velious to get some new content. Point is, you don’t normally see DLCs or Expansions getting new content. Bug fixes sure. But outright new stuff to do? Not often.

And let’s not beat around the bush here. For the price of 2 DLCs, Isle of Siptah gave you everything a DLC did plus an extra building set, and a map. For what you got out of it, the map itself was just icing on the cake. Its a $30-40 expansion we got for only $20 (and most of us got it for less due to steam sales).

I really really doubt its going to see more content in the future. I’m really really surprised it got the updates that it did with the southern Island and all. I’m pretty certain with how quickly that update was done, it was already being worked on. Meaning IoS got released before it was completed, which was the only reason it got ‘updated’ but rather finished.


Not an easy fix. FC has yet to understand how to move characters between maps because of piss poor game mechanics. Maybe they should give the game to the ARK developers.

Moving characters between maps is easy. Doing so in a way that doesn’t leave solo players like me utterly screwed is not so easy. Creating a whole freaking service to do so on demand is hard.


As a long time player as both the Exiled Lands and a very very long time Siptah player, I will say that returning to The Exiled Lands was a much better decision.

I feel Siptah is neglected, however it is seperate than the exiled lands. I do not care that the new dungeon is not coming to Siptah. I would love the Dev to fix the glaring issues on Siptah. Like the RnG and the severe lack of…plot.


Yes which tells us that FC should start paying more interest to D.I.C.E. They hold round tables every year and FC might learn a few things.