How i cannot stop from complaining...but. Where is my content?

Yeah… it’s me :frowning:

And yes i have said that i will not play the game again. But looking from a “returning” player perspective…that players willingness to come back to Conan must be very strong…damn!

Being a Siptah player… this last stream has confirmed to me that Funcom does not have the resources to continue developing this 2 Games in 1. Probably focusing on Exiled Lands and scrap Siptah might be a good decision in the long term. As for myself, game remains uninstalled(both pc and xbox) with no plans in future to touch the game again.

You tell players, without any scruples, to go on Exiled Lands in order to have access to everything the next update brings. Ahem…what about Siptah? 75% of it for Siptah? 50%? 25%? :frowning:

Let’s pretend that i buy your battle-pass and am active on the bazaar… But i do it because i play only play Siptah and i do not feel like starting fresh on Exiled Lands.

Am i being CUT OFF content here? :)))

PS: what a bunch of - . Just incredible.
I kinda “lied” about not playing Conan. I went on Xbox single player and was playing for around 10-15 hours/week, a experience that i would rather not talk about… Could not bother with the 150GB’s required with the last patch on consoles, so yeah. I am officially Conan Exiles free.

Devs keep it up, your doing an awsome work! doh…


I’m not sure what you’re on about…

We must’ve watched a different stream :smiley:
In the one I watched they said that every new mechanic will be accessible on Siptah as well, just with a different lore explanation of how it got there and not having the “story” (which makes sense since the story unfolds on EL…)
But you can harvest crystals… kill the golems spawning with them… build your very own Autofarm-4000… get the new journey system (which will have Siptah specific entries and rewards)…

So I’m not sure what you’re talking about… is it because poor Mek-Kamosis dude was locked up as a prisoner on EL so he can only do the story from there and he’s not on Siptah? :stuck_out_tongue:

However as a side-note… yes… Siptah is a separate map… it’s not a “2 games in 1”… it’s just a different map if you want a change of scenery, it’s not a replacement for EL and wasn’t ever meant to be.


The story of Siptah and the Exiled Lands are fundamentally different.

The story of the Exiled Lands is alive and we are active participants in it. It is unfolding around us and reacts to us.

The story of Siptah is over. It already happened before any one of us arrives there. The ongoing shipwrecks and Maelstrom and whatever else that is going on are just leftovers of events that transpired there.

If you want to play a part in the story, that is happening in the Exiled Lands, not Siptah.


“Just the narrative will suffer” - in my Siptah experience that will mean it wont be there.

Perhaps it may be a good idea to wait for the next Chapter to land and then see?
Anyone is of course free to go for the ‘glass half full’/negative slant, but it does seem slightly wasteful emotion.

Fer instance, my favourite sundae shake was recently changed with a new mix being offered. Most disappointing to hear. When I tried it I did kind of like it, but had I not, at least the original sundae shake was still offered so I was not out of pocket at all.

I’ll wait for the Update and see what’s what. I do already like the additions to the DLC and, since I own it, am doubly interested in getting it, no matter the map I play on. Same with much of the BattlePass challenges content. It’s a game. Enjoy it.


And you shouldn’t! Complain for whatever you wish, it’s always nice to have you around .
Just wait a bit for the beta to arrive, so we will have more info.
Just stick around :blush:.
In my opinion exile lands needed a revamp. It’s an old map, so a new dungeon was necessary. There was literally nothing new to exile lands, the encounters or the challenges just added some spice, but the base taste was the same.
Not to mention that the old dungeons didn’t had actual meaning in game than just one visit.
So i am happy my friend @Coty that i will return in exile lands for a really good reason.
Now, if i tell you why i am happy that Siptah will not have the exile lands update, you will laugh, but i don’t care, other than that if you laugh you’ll make me happy.

1)Siptah will still have moon, not eclipse (at least i hope).
2)I am not convinced that i have unlocked all the Siptah secrets.

With every new person i speak or i play with, i keep learning new things.
So Siptah is still under discovery it still has hidden content, so practically there’s no reason to revamp a map like Siptah.
I don’t care who agrees, or disagrees with this, but nobody still has fully unlocked Siptah! Take my word on this!

Nice to see you around Coty, stay tuned please!

I’m all for making the new content accessible on Siptah, but I’m glad they’re prioritizing Exiled Lands. That’s the core Conan Exiles experience, the base game that’s available for everyone without being locked behind additional payments.

Like it or not, Siptah is a DLC. It’s additional content pack that you pay for, and part of that content was a new map. This DLC has already gotten plenty of special treatment that no other DLC got – you don’t see Funcom updating any of the other DLCs and bringing fresh content into them.


I’ve played on both maps off and on since Siptah was released. Well established (for the most part) on both. If you had just bit the bullet and rolled with two maps in the beginning (and stuck with it), this wouldn’t be an issue. Usually I just do the battle pass on EL, then finish it up or play on siptah to get more stuff later.


Yes however by adding a new area to EL after all this time FC made themselves look like liars after saying EL couldn’t be expanded for years. Now ask why Siptah couldn’t be expanded at the same time for chapter three? Islands are usually in chains. FC has clearly made a ton of mistakes and should be more careful with their statements and be less exclusionary.

Yes, and by curing 5 cases of HIV, every doctor who called it a terminal disease now looks like a liar :roll_eyes:

Unless you’ve actually had access to their codebase all this time and you had a pretty good idea why they were wrong, you have no business calling them liars.

Not to mention that Dennis did say during one of the streams that they had ideas on how to make the necessary improvements so they can expand the Exiled Lands again.

If you’re asking for technical reasons, no one said there were any. Siptah didn’t get expanded for chapter 3, probably for the same reason they’re not adding this stuff people are complaining about here: it’s just not cost-effective.

Yeah, right. They’ve made a ton of mistakes over the lifetime of this game, that much I can agree with. But this crap about “being more careful with their statements” is precisely why we’ve seen them stop communicating with their playerbase: because there’s always a group of people who will latch onto the least reasonable interpretation of their words and then make a stink about it later.


Game engines evolve. What may not have been possible a year ago may be possible now.



Yes and no. Not long ago Siptah was selling on Microsoft store at the price of 60 bucks…So, even though they call it a DLC, it was being developed alongside Exiled Lands as a “continuation/extension” of EL.

Then it should have stopped there. But it has not stopped, Siptah evolved into 3.0 same as EL with the obvious “changes” to fit the map “lore”. After saying this, i cannot forget/get over the fact that on Siptah we had/still have “undeveloped lore” surrounding The Tower of Siptah. Yes, we have a few books/journals spread around that map…but sincerely all additions to Siptah with 3.0 have nothing to do/does not belong to Siptah.
If it has worked until now, why wouldn’t work again? I mean…we do not have mek-kamoses but we have the tower, the pools, the vaults…so many things that can relate to magic were on Siptah.

I do not want to call them lazy and i would not have reacted like this if the “monetary plan” would have remained the same “B2P” instead of this battle pass/ages/chapters. But seeing how much they ask for items sold on the bazaar…As i said in the OP, i pay you good money…then i expect things to have a trace of worthiness behind them… Yeah…not the one setting the price is the fool but the one buying them

Imho the players that are still around and playing are ones like Tephra. Dedicated players(which might or might not ignore the bazaar), role players, builders and “gather junkies … MUST HAVE ALL”. I kinda found myself within all of those + pvp…getting addicted to Conan Exiles was easy, rehabing it out was hard, coming back to it…It is impossible.

Yes. I agree with you here.
In my case(i repeat. my case) waiting and see what happens will not bring me back to the game. I will ask you one single question(i should wait with asking though until next chapter)…

How hard is to write and record some text around Tower of Siptah and sorcery?

I don’t.

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Because there are no more casual players left. Or to few…

Cost-effective? Siptah was from the start the “casual player heaven”. You have access to everything without being restricted behind some levels/recipes.
The same reasons i do not want to start fresh on exiled lands…

  1. I do not have the time for it.
  2. By the time i reach the grind i am already burned out.
  3. Conan Exiles: The Exiled Lands requires to much time for how bugged it is.
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Nah man. Just a bunch of chickens without a rooster to come out and say “Guys we are sorry, we messed up!”. They have been like this all the time. They did not enjoyed steam, made their own forum. “For better and easier access to information” yeah right…

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People who still rng farm Midnight Alchemist on Siptah love to see posts like this.

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Say what? That can’t be right. Siptah original release price was $20. There’s no way they’re selling it for triple its original price.

Yes, an expansion DLC. It’s still a DLC.

Yeah, see, this is exactly what I mean about people being eternal complainers here. Do you realize that you’re complaining about free updates to a DLC? You got stuff for free and now you’re saying that if they don’t give you more stuff for free, they shouldn’t have given you anything for free?

It never was a casual player heaven. Every definition of “casual gamer” I’ve ever seen refers to people who don’t want to invest a significant amount of time into a game. Siptah has always been a time sink, because it has always gated all the recipes behind a horrible RNG grind. From what I’ve heard, they’ve done some stuff to reduce that a bit, but not nearly enough for me to go waste hours of my life playing slot machines.

Funny, those are my reasons for not playing Siptah. Grind, grind, grind for the recipes. In Exiled Lands, you just go and get most of the recipes you need.


And now you can spend that amount of cash in the bazaar in under 30 seconds… for a few semi-broken cosmetic items, again… your point being? :slight_smile:

The price is not indicative of anything more than how much they judge they can sell if for… :man_shrugging: Just because something is expensive does not mean it comes with the guarantee of it having its own life cycle and improvements / updates.

So now… that’s the problem? Hello?.. weren’t you the one just complaining that they’re not improving that DLC and now you’re saying that the reason for your complaint is the very fact that in the past they worked on it?.. Soooo… you would’ve preferred they left it broken and in its initial state?

My theory is that you just want to complain, doesn’t matter what about… as long as you can complain. You clearly stated in your opening post that you do not play this game anymore… yet strangely enough you take the time to go and look for things you can complain about with each update :confused:

The game actually has a really steady influx of new players - who by the way quite often DO NOT OWN Siptah, since it’s a separate PAID DLC.

If you’re waiting for a map expansion of Siptah with Chapter 3, then don’t hold your breath… you might end up looking like a plum…

Well, why don’t you download the devkit and try it?
To answer the question though, introducing “some text” is fairly easy… and I did hear something on the dev stream about golems and stuff having a slightly different explanation of how they got on Siptah, so I’m sure they’ll edit “some” text somewhere…
The problem is that you’re not complaining about the lack of text… you want the MAP and content associated with said text, so your question immediately becomes less “fake” once you include the “fineprint”.

At official rates you can get to max level in what… 3 hours if you focus on it? “grind” :smiley:
And by all means elaborate on how “Exiled Lands” is more “bugged” than Siptah :slight_smile: I’d like to hear.

Or… it could be because the steam discussion board is pretty much stuck in the “dark ages” of technology :man_shrugging: and this forum is much better in literally every imaginable way… oh and ofc let’s not forget the fact that Steam is just ONE subsection of PC gamers… why would an Xbox user go to the Steam forums for… anything?..

it’s not free if you have to buy anything to gain access to it. BTW EL is way more grindy then Siptah because you have more access to Relic Fragments , and named thralls in a smaller area.

Dude, what? There are only two words in “free update”, how can it be hard to comprehend?!

You paid for the DLC. Then they updated it with new content for free.

Named thralls can be found all over the map, and some of the best ones have 100% spawn chance. As for the relic fragments, the Esoteric Library is the grindiest RNG aspect of Exiled Lands, but fortunately you don’t really need a lot of the recipes there and relic fragments are extremely easy to get.

More then probably there are Siptah players that can say “i like free stuff”. But not my case. I do not regret paying for battle pass and buying items of their store(which i did not received at the time of the purchase)…what i do regret is that i am not able to play what i am paying for…

Exactly. Those locked behind bad rng were recipes FROM exiled lands which until sorcery you never really need it them. Big discussion over recipes from exiled lands to siptah…im sure u can still find it on this forum…

Why would i use lesser things from Exiled Lands while Siptah had its own OP stuff?
You think i stayed and farmed dungeons until i had nothing else to do…pfff no man. I wasted 3-4 hours a day on gathering essence just to have some surges going on. ONLY to see the freaking tentacle bug and piss on my essence :wink:

If you do not like Siptah is because ur a Siptah noob man(sorry). Playing it like you play Exiled lands…Build base/gather stuff until u have XXXXX amounts of it/log out and repeat.

Dude…my “latest” Siptah bases were not bigger then 8x8 and i was doing end game content at level 20-30…Pls do that on Exiled Lands being stucked with freaking iron daggers or i dont know what weapon you would use at those levels(Maybe set arrows like noobs on top on buildings)…wait they fixed that and people said blunted arrows are useless now…
I think we had this discussion on how different people play the game…im sure we had it before…

Even though u saw me complain a lot in here…i was always supporting the game and Funcom in general. By paying monthly fees, buy products and such. I ain’t here to complain because i do not have anything else better to do…