My feedback in the upcoming changes

Hi, i have been reading the upcoming changes in Siptah and i am extremely worried that you could get T4 thralls in these camps like in exiled lands.
please, PLEASE i beg you to not make the map feel more like the exiled lands
where for example you can EASILY get the best fighter like teimos almost guaranted, and not one, MANY teimos. A thrall that hits like a truck and lvl 20 has almost 15 K hp and is the best archer if you need him in that role.

it doesn’t feel like a reward.

Other thing that i am worried is about the character transfers.
Does this means, only the character? or it includes inventory?.

Because if it includes inventory, it will break siptah entirely, in exiled lands some things are far more easier to get.
While in siptah, some things have a lot more of value.

last but not least, i hope that the purge doesn’t take even more value from the surge if you can get also get the best thralls in here like in exiled lands.

The dificulty to get thralls T3(priest) or T4 is what makes this map far more superior to the exiled lands since you actually have to work hard to get them.

Right now, the best mechanic in my opinion is that you have to work hard to get your T4 in siptah.
it gives you a reason to do dungeons, a reason to farm maelstrom, a reason to do surges.
This is what makes siptah feels different to exiled lands.
So please, do not make this an “exiled lands 2.0”.
because if i want to play exiled lands… i would just play exiled lands.

BTW please turn off that sound that comes from the center in siptah, it is extremely annoying and almost unplayable if you don’t turn off the sound.

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There are no resources you cannot get in abundance, in essentially the same time, siptah compared to EL. This is a commonly held but largely inaccurate view. In fact resource access is much easier in siptah.

Getting T4s is tough. But not really. And priests are, in my experience, quite a bit more common in siptah. I have multiple T4 priests for every religion except Set because you cannot currently KO him. You can essentially storm farm enough chaos in one storm to fire up a max surge right after the storm ends. My record is 23 greater ??? In one storm, and this is all done solo. Handling the surge is also done solo.

Once you’ve done all of this, because it does require some set up and planning, there is literally nothing to do. Let me stand here while my thralls murder storm bosses, just to run a surge and hope a T4 crafter spawns. It’s highly repetitive and boring. Vaults are a joke, no challenge and the RNG is intensely frustrating, the primary bestiary are animals, yay. I haven’t even been to center in over a month. I have enough star metal to last a very long time.

I’m not saying I think they should neuter the storm, I really don’t think they should. But something has to change.

You don’t, though. You have to grind. And grinding is different than working hard. You set up a storm farming base to get >= 20 Greater ??? per storm, and then you run T4 surges (and only T4 surges) until the RNG gives you what you want (and that happens a lot faster on Testlive with the surge spawn tables fixed). There’s a longer buildup to trivializing the content, but since the endgame content can be done with even Wild Surge thralls, it’s a pretty fast buildup if you know what you’re doing - and the information is out there now, so anyone who wants will know what they’re doing.

Siptah had a lot of bold design ideas from the dev team, but between imperfect implementations of them and simply not understanding how players could and would approach them, the design ultimately failed - and not just narrowly failed, but entirely failed. The only thing keeping people engaged on Siptah was completionism stymied by an unforgiving RNG, and that has gradually ground down the player base on servers as the long-time players gradually hit completion, near-completion, or their tolerance limit for RNG-grind frustration.

It’s not ideal to see Siptah become Exiled Lands 2.0 - because the Exiled Lands is deeply flawed in ways the devs don’t seem to know how tto fix - but leaving Siptah as-is in its current broken, grindy, random state is even less desirable. Exiled-Land-esque content on a different map is better than drawn-out, mostly pointless grind on a pretty but empty and unrewarding map that ultimately still suffers many of the Exiled Land’s shortcomings, and that’s where Siptah is now.


But at least you could not get literally the best thralls in an almost guaranted spot by simply going there naked and with a iron club.
Once you have that fighter PVE content becomes pointless.
and that is what i don’t want in siptah.

That you can just go to a random camp and get your T4 without much of a problem.
Now, such things that are as overpowered should be rewards from endgame.
That is the only thing i am asking.

How is grinding different that working hard? You are working towards a goal. that is the definition of working hard to get something.

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The only hard work on this map is soloing T4 surges. And that’s only initially, once you get your rhythm it’s just a routine. You seem to think it’s hard to get T4 priests, and it’s just not which makes me wonder how much time you’ve spent in this content. They are the second or third most common T4s spawning along with fighters and dancers. And siptah has its own easy button of obtaining T4 fighters, it’s called trading. People end up with so many fighters running surges that you can simply grind 1k hardened brick and boom.

Edit: Additionally, there is so little difference between fighters and archers that both are capable of fully trivializing all content, from any faction. In fact the RNG gods are once again at play to determine your best thrall. It’s all attribute increase percentages and perks. My best fighter for a long time was some master archer from a faction with no starting strength. Figure that one out.

You only need to run surges until you get the T4s you want and then both the leyshrines and storm are pointless. You’re left with the most unforgiving RNG system I’ve ever seen looking for recipes simply to collect. But it’ll probably just be another recipe for climbing gear.

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exactly, doing your first surges without a good thrall is kinda a challenge, we cannot say the same about exiled lands were you literally get the best fighters in guaranted spots like berserkers,liams or teimos.

Now, should they add even more endgame after that? of course they should !
not saying that. only saying that getting t4 shouln’t be as easy as the exiled lands, no more, no less.

It’s only “the definition of working hard to get something” if what you’re doing is hard work. Otherwise, it’s just working for a long time to get something - not challenging, not a possible failure, just “do (trivialized task) X until the RNG eventually gives you want you want”. That’s exactly like how it was to get particular T4 crafters on the old map, which you plainly think isn’t hard work. I spent ~3 weeks running Mounds to get Werk of the Lost Tribe back in the day - was that hard work, or “just going there naked with an iron club”? Or was it just doing the same repetitive task until the RNG saw fit to give me what I was looking for, albeit with less explicit slot-machine-in-the-sky mechanics to make it clear you’re grinding?

It takes a lot of grinding to get 100,000 stone, but that doesn’t mean it’s hard work to get it. It’s not challenging. It’s just boring, and time-consuming, and the only reason you do it is because that stone will let you do something else. On Siptah, the surges are the only reason to get the thralls, and the only use for the thralls is to be prepared to do surges. That loop was grinding for the sake of grinding. And as Tuffman points out above, once you know how to do it, it’s not even difficult - just time-consuming, and producing so many more T4 combat thralls than you’ll ever need that the only reasonable thing to do is trade them off and make the content even more trivial for everyone behind you on the grind. Or quit.

just to be clear, it seems like you play only pve while i only play pvp.

My reason to get T4 thralls is to wipe enemy clans and jump servers.
so i actually have a good reason to grind these thralls since they actually help to get my goal of defeating other players.

Now, if you say that there isn’t other reason to get thralls, you are right, maybe after you do the surge and get the thralls you don’t really have an endgame. in PvE.

But in PvP getting the best thralls can be the difference.
And that is the only thing i am asking, getting the best fighters or thralls shouln’t be as easy as they are in exiled lands. nothing more.

And then you can just go to get a zerker, liam,teimos, witch doctors and gothrad in guarented spots. is even easier with blunted arrows.
So tell me, do you think it should be like that in siptah?.

I think it shouldn’t be high-output “slot machine in the sky”. If anything, once you have the system down, surges are easier to use to accumulate HQ thralls than farming is. Run a surge, get 4-6 T4 thralls, generally to include 1 or even 2 PURGE-TIER combat thralls. How exactly is that more challenging - and less guaranteed - than Exiled Land to net you the very best possible thralls? We both know it’s not. It’s easier to get the combat thralls. Which is why it’s so weird to see you pivot from your earlier talk about getting T4 crafters being hard to T4 combat thralls. You can earn enough greater ??? in a single storm to run two surges right after. That’ll get you a guaranteed 3-6 T4s, 1 or 2 of whom will be purge-tier. You’ll also get 0-3 (depending on directton, but on Testlive it looks like a consistent 2) T4 crafters. PER SURGE. Of which you can run 2 per storm.

So if all you’re asking is for the strongest thralls to be less available than in the Exiled Lands… you’d not want surges. It sounds like what you actually want is for it to be feasible for a PvP clan to “solve” a server and make themselves literally unchallengeable by anyone else who might join later. I can see why you didn’t lead with that argument.

You cannot get ??? as soon as you start a server unless you at the very least have an armor, a good weapon and lvl 60.
or at least, not in a great quantity.

we cannot say the same about getting the best fighter thralls and some good crafters in guarenteed spots.
The only thing you need is an iron club or blunted arrows. done, 15 mins on the servers and you have a thrall that makes PVE content pointless.

No, is too easy for our clan to just go to a server, get some teimos and defeat the alphas with an army of teimos.
is not the same on siptah were we actually have to do some work to get a t3 priest so we can have bubble and a base. (because if we don’t have bubble the alphas just nuke it with a god)
to get good figters that help us to do surges and get some neccesary thralls like blacksmith, armorer and alchemist.

Basically exiled lands is ez mode.

Just simply not true, you can chaos farm with animals. A group of sand reaper queens will tear up storm bosses

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If you’re being honest, your argument - which you didn’t lead with b/c it’d sound rather toxic - is that you want it to be impossible for people to defeat a PvP server’s alpha clan. Not hard - impossible. What you want isn’t randomness so it’s hard to get what you want, it’s for there to be exactly three spots on the map that your clan needs to guard and for warning signs to appear on the map every time you need to go guard them.

And that’s the opposite of what you’ve been saying. You’ve been saying you don’t want the content to be trivialized for you because it takes the challenge out of the game. What you actually mean is that you want PvP server control to be trivialized so that you’re not challenged by other players. That’s a very different objection, and it’s a lot harder to justify. Again: you’re arguing for servers to be “solvable” in PvP. That’s… bad design.

OTOH, it does at least now make sense why you were arguing storm farming and surges are hard work: you mean they’re hard to do when a server’s alpha clan is riding in to smash your storm base/trample you when running surges/etc.

[Also, it’s depressing how inconsistent your argumentation is. I’d love to see you drop onto Exiled Lands and have any thrall in 15m as you claim, let alone a top-tier one. And I’m being generous and counting “in a wheel” as having a thrall. It’s also funny how you argue that only the very best thralls will do for PvP… and then list off high-end but non-optimal thralls with static spawns. You can’t have that both ways any more than any of your other arguments; the best EL thralls are purge thralls by a long shot, and those absolutely don’t just take a naked lvl 30 toon with an iron cudgel. And no, the ones you listed aren’t the best non-purge thralls either - they’re the ones that are easiest to get consistently from tier 2 and tier 3 factions.]

To be honest, i haven’t tried this method, i will give it a chance.

Well in my case, it is fun to get to a new server and kill the other players because we play better as a clan and almost always we fight as the underdog, and still win.

is not “impossible” trust me.

No, you either misunderstood or you are trying to twist what i said.
we already wiped a few servers alpha clans and they are not undefeateable. but the first days are of course a problem when you have little to nothing, no good thralls and iron kits. and of course, no bubble so it was easy for the alpha to just nuke it with a god.

Well, yeah when we fight competent alphas they make their countermoves and forces us to be… creative. to get our good thralls and specially the priests.

Without a priest, we literally can’t have a base or is going to be nuked from orbrit.
and we can’t just do surges at any time, we have to wait until is the perfect moment (in other words, until is 6 AM).

is simple, create your character, go to the teimos spot, kill everything it moves on the way there with stone daggers, get some level, get an iron club, and a mini base to get the t1 wheel. 15-30 mins on the server and you can get the best fighter, tank and archer in the game in a wheel, And then 24 hours and it can be even less if in the meantime you get a t1-t2-t3-t4 (gothrad) taskmaster in order.

is not like in siptah.

Not optimal thralls? are you serious? have you seen what a teimos or zerker can do? they can literally solo any PVE content in the game. same with the taskmaster or the witch doctor that makes create oil.
They certainly aren’t useless and makes your life so much easier.

oh yes they can. even better if you get to 35 and craft some blunted arrows,isolate your target and just get whatever you want and go home.

I get your point, but you aren’t dropping the panthers and archers around Teimos with stone weapons.

This is probably the same as a bed teleport, empty inventory.

The majority doesn’t think so luckily, shown in the diagram based on reviews.

It will not, and never be… this is still the same game.

This is my worry too, but for a different reason. If the purge is brought to Siptah, what’s the point of Siotah? I was sold on a place where there would be no purge. Surah was different. It was nice. I could finally build without worrying about some stupid electronic destruction routine that came along every so often to negate my hours of hard work. A purge will eliminate Siptah from my life.

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