Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah, Please Address The Fans Funcom

With 2.3 coming out soon, Isle of Siptah is about to receive thrall camps for easier access to T4 thralls instead of chasing storms. I understand the maelstorm has a higher chance of getting better t4 thralls than going to the thrall camps once introduced in the new patch. Once 2.3 is live, there is no longer much of a ‘difference’ (besides dungeon and atmosphere) compared to Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah. Both maps have thrall camps, dungeons, with Isle having an additional storm system to get better thralls.

This leads to a concern of mine: Funcom has not stated if the two maps, Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah, will eventually ‘merge.’ By merge, I mean you go from Isle of Siptah ‘exit point’ wherever that may be on the map, and you load into Exiled Lands (and vice versa). This is a concern as what is the point of continuing in playing Exiled Lands if Siptah will have everything else? The community needs answers beside vague replies from developers. It is a shame that some players can be wasting their time on Exiled Lands hoping for a ‘merge’ that will never come, along with the possibility of Exiled Land Official Servers slowly going away one by one once Siptah becomes more established.

I rather and I assume others want to know now if it is still worth playing on Exiled Lands or should we just focus on Siptah. It be a pity to devote so much time to eventually find out it was all for nothing. The lack of community interaction besides Twitter posts (if you really count displaying art as interaction instead of addressing player issues) feels like this game is doomed to die by a thousand cuts.

Travel between maps has already been officially confirmed. Unfortunately, there are no details on what this will entail. Let’s hope they’ll address it in their dev stream this Friday.

I don’t understand this. Why is it a waste of time to play in Exiled Lands while waiting for the inter-server travel?

I don’t understand this, either. Who said Exiled Lands official servers would be going away?

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There is a whole lot of unnecessary speculation here. Nothing indicates the EL official servers are going away, it isn’t as if IoS has stolen all the players away.

I play on the EL because I a) enjoy the map’s look and feel, b) don’t want to pay for the IoS DLC, and c) prefer the EL play options over the IoS play options. So playing on the EL map is a waste of time only in the same sense that it is a waste of my time anytime I open Steam and click a Play button.


Good luck getting them to properly address the fans after all Scott Junior has been ignoring console players for a long time now.

I think there are a lot of us wondering what the plan is for EL, since it seems all the new items are going to Siptah, with EL being not even an afterthought with this update.

I came here thinking it was about laptop cooling fans running loud during game play…

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