Transfer between maps confirmed

In the dev Q&A from yesterday, they confirmed they will implement server transfer between maps.

My only question is, will you be able to take items with you or not?

If you WILL be able to transfer with items, then you’ve just defeated the entire
purpose of the new map.

Siptah almost feels like an entirely different game. It’s harder on many levels (AS IT SHOULD BE!), especially obtaining recipes. Higher level resources are more scarce. Many mechanics are also different, etc. I LOVE the concept and new mechanics of this map (at least the direction they are heading with it).

Exiles map is an easy game in every single aspect. It’s easy to get ANYTHING. Bosses are easy to kill, recipes are easy to get, resources are by no means scarce, I can go on forever, and this has been my biggest complaint of the game since its conception. Even my gf who has ZERO experience playing games tried a handful of survival games and said Conan was byfar the easiest. I don’t even know if people will continue playing on the new map or not, I mean why should you? (unless you are a RP/PvE I guess?). There are also countless better PvP base locations on Exiles. I guarantee you most solo/duo/small clans will be playing on Exiles, since Siptah caters more to bigger/active clans in terms of base locations.

I can go on forever about why allowing items to transfer is a terrible idea but I hope I explained my point well enough. Maybe there is some middle-ground solution, but to me even that’s too far.

I don’t know if the devs have decided on this or not, but please DON’T allow item transfers.


I wouldn’t be suprised if they allowed transfer items between maps and that would just kill Siptah completely.


I would be surprised if you could bring anything at all. And dissapointed to for what its worth. Starting on a new server as lev 60 seems wierd enough for me.


I’d say clone your toon, clone your inventory. It should be the same.


Starting over isn’t a problem done it plenty of times. Looking forward to the unique building materials and such.

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No details available yet, probably because they’re not internally set yet.

Interesting viewpoint though - I just assumed it would be bi-directional and at-will but they didn’t actually say that did they?


People here are overreacting heavily, starting over each time a person wants to move between maps would defeat the purpose of moving through the maps, not to mention that it makes no sense for a character to lose everything when moving between the two, game catered enough to pvp people, it’s time for some pve focus instead


Allowing people to transfer with a full set of T4 thralls in their pocket is enough to kill Siptah. It just makes no sense to have Siptah so hard if you would allow people to go grind everything the easy way in EL and transfer it to Siptah. Even keeping their feats is already too much, at least the high tier ones which in most cases you can obtain by interacting with a stone in a fixed location.

I am fine with keeping the level only (lvl 60 is easy enough) and allowing private servers to do whatever the heck they want but allowing people to move freely between the maps while keeping their 300 slots inventory is something that I would not understand.

Keeping what is on your hotbar and on your armour slots is probably something I could see as a compromise because you will eventually end up losing it (probably due to some random glitch). But then again, people will go back to EL, re-craft it from their supplies and go back to enjoy the scenery on Siptah.

EDIT: @Mikey, yeah I expanded my post.


Even that could and would be exploited to hell and back. I don’t see items transfers of any kind being well-balanced to be honest.



Imagine setting loose a bunch of lvl 60s with their favorite T4 crafters and an inventory full of hardened bricks on a map 3/4 of the size of Exiled Lands… :fearful:

If they do it like that, I hope they make it an option that is disabled on official servers.


As a PVE player, eff that noise. I don’t want some “theme park builder” (as someone I know would call them) carrying a crapton of materials and crafters to come and pave over half the map in their quest to show off their e-peen to the whole world.

Seriously, if it’s a private server, that’s great. But on officials, people just can’t be trusted to be decent neighbors. Even now, a tiny bit over a week into the expansion, there are eejits on the server where I’m playing who are building massive walls that you have to go around, and other eejits pre-emptively building other massive walls and saying “mine goes down when theirs does”. And that’s without access to T4 crafters and the tons of stone you can farm up inside the Exiled Lands volcano…

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glad they saw reason! :slight_smile:

I see no problem whatsoever if they have servers that allow transfers and servers that don’t.

I asume it will be similar to ARK. You’ll be able to only transfer 50 stacks of items. Your character will be cloned and deleted from the server you left, and you’ll be able to upload it on another server of your choosing in the character creation screen. Once you land on the new map, your character will have lvl 60 and a full inventory. Then, a low level mob will bash you to death and the respawn timer causes a fatal error sending you back to the main menu. Upon relogin another player will greet you telling you how he/she robbed you of all your possesions. The end.


Knowing gamers, many dont like the idea of “starting over”. I love server wipes because it gives us new challenges but I’m also I find rare, since many complain when we have to wipe our server.

It would definitely create a back door for making easy mode. Thralls hard to find here? No worries guys let me hit my other base, I have a cabinet full of T4 thralls I’ll just bring over. Problem solved.

Easy way to solve that is to make customizable options in admin menu, so private servers can set it however they want, I know that many RP servers would profit with an option for people to simply traverse from one map to another.



Map transfers was bad news. On any level.

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Full agreement here - the option to toggle it on or off as suits the player/server admin seems the ideal option (depending on how much extra work and code that would actually require). For my own play, I’d quite like to be able to transfer between maps more or less freely - but that’s in singleplayer, so I’m responsible for if I make things too easy for myself (besides, I quite enjoy starting over, so would want to experience Siptah ‘properly’ first - I’d just quite like to have the freedom to travel between the two at a later point - maybe as a ‘reward’ for removing the bracelet - not to bring everything, but more the fun RP of going on some new adventures with a trusted thrall).

However, I can imagine for servers that would be a much more complicated situation - it seems like something that should be switched off as default, with then private servers and singleplayers having the option to turn it on if it suits their specific game - but the potential for abuse on public servers just seems too obvious.

Even better would be more than just an on/off toggle - fully flexible options controlling what degree of transfer is allowed - level only, plus feats, plus some kit, plus a lot of kit, plus as much kit as you like, plus followers etc etc. But at that point it seems very likely it would require a lot more work to achieve (if such a degree of flexibility even would be achievable) - especially since we’re talking about something that would only really be relevant to a sub-section of a sub-section of the player base. Still, I think it would be a nice idea - the more players and admins are able to tailor the game to their specific needs, the broader the appeal can be.


How about this…

Simple way to continue Exiled Lands. Only players which remove their bracelets can move their Character on Siptah.
Once the player removed his bracelet, the adventure on Siptah begins. As they mentioned a Couple of Times, the player ends up caught in a Storm and finds himself marooned on Siptah…obviously with his/her Pockets empty. You start looting the shipwrecks, thing which is also logical. Kinda weird to have 1000 foundations/animals/armors/weapons in your inventory,right?

A Very easy way to make Siptah more attractive for players which already Hit the max Level…add more Levels(imo Level 80 should be a good amount) and accordingly set siptah feats for Level 60+.

My wish, with this travel between Exiled Lands and Siptah should be one way only. So once you are on Siptah there is no way to go back Onto Exiled Lands. Easy way to Set up the continuation of the Story for Future map additions/Story Build up. Who knows where we end up After Siptah in our urge to get back “home to civilization” or what other Characters from Conan Lore we end up Meeting with.

With the above being said…im not saying " hey do this or your game is crap"…so “Galaxy defenders” hold your horses…
Is just the way i see things going forward from my point of view, being a player that enjoys PVE and uncover all hidden lore/artifacts/Story.