Concerns about server transfer

I know, there is still no exact information about the extent to which we can move back and forth between the Exile Lands and Siptah, but here in the forums I have often come across the statement that we will travel between servers and not maps. The following thought occurs to me. What happens when people spawn the best equipment on their own server and then go to other servers with this character and equipment. Something like this should lead to major problems, especially on PVP servers.

I hope we will soon get some deeper insights into the new system. Because slowly a feeling of discomfort spreads in me. :confused:

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That doesn’t work in my mind either. Perhaps only from official server to official server. Or only bring character with level and skill not materials.

I think you can’t take stuff with you, just like a bed spawn.
I think you’ll drop your stuff and go full nude and spawn at the bed in the other server.

I don’t think taking stuff with you is a balanced move and wouldn’t be logical.

My own opinion is that this would be a useless addition, its not like the map will be bigger or the server hold more people, its almost the same as “Main menu > play online > join server” but then with the same character…

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That is the entire point of introducing this Character transfers, so you do not have to start on every other map from scratch.

Now you have only 2 maps, who knows how many will be in the Future.

Last stream it was said that Siptah and the Exile Lands are to be kept separate so that you have to explore the other map for resources and recipes and then go back to your home map. So you will probably be able to take your inventory with you, otherwise it would all make no sense. If you want to avoid exploitation, then you really only have the option to switch between the official servers and leave private servers out.

such a restriction would completely destroy this travel feature for me :frowning:

What they said in the stream is that they want the maps to be different. They will add some of the resources that Siptah is missing (e.g. obsidian and grey-flower lupin), but they won’t change the way recipes are obtained. They want the game to be played differently on these two maps.

None of that implies that they will have to add the inventory transfer. It makes perfect sense to transfer just the character, with its XP, levels, attributes, and feats.

I’m not saying that’s what they will or will not do. All I’m doing is pointing out that what little they said is not what the people tend to assume.


I think they said in the stream you’ll be able to take only feats with you from one map to another. I could be wrong though.
Taking feats from Siptah won’t be of much help though, without a source of eldarium on Exile Lands.

That’s okay, though. If they actually let people play with Siptah-specific gear in Exiled Lands, you’ll have everyone and their aunt screaming “PAY TO WIN” within hours of the patch.

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Not long after, nerf server transfers.

I think that’s a strange, more appropriate solution. That would mean I have to build a base again on the other map and can’t just go out and experience adventure. I don’t know what to make of it. Maybe my head is still too much in the MMORPG genre, where it’s normal to explore new areas.

I think it will work like you can bring your level 60 toon with their recipes and perks but every thing else says behind. Maybe the will even allow you to bring a small amount of recourses but full kitted out player with all armor and weapons. No way that would be fair, that would run big problems.

No transfer of armor or weapons and I do not think they will be making it so you can transfer your char every day back and forth ■■■■■ nilly during game play that just makes no sense.

Yea that will work I go to spitah map with my fully kitted out toon and raid your base then just puff go home to my Exiles map and as you have no idea what server I play on cant follow cant do a thing but stand and watch as my toon goes home your stuff. Oh yea great idea , I am pretty sure even Funcom can see that would create a mess and a very upset community if that was the way it was set up.

I think it should be char looks, states, feats learned recipes that are allowed to transfer. You should wake up on either map in a bed naked with just your stats and feats intact from the other map.

Just my two cents :slight_smile:

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I believe it is just on our hands how we want to explore the new map . If we want to have a totally awesome experience we must create a new character in Siptah . If however we have a character in the exile lands that has everything and need to expand the collection , then we will transfer character :woman_shrugging:t3: . So I see nothing bad here , everyone will be happy .

Just speculation here without any evidence. Perhaps is could be setting based with options for:

  1. character only, no gear
  2. character with worn and carried gear - cannot be over encumbered
  3. character and one follower, pet, or mount with gear (probably only work by using a ‘portal’ system)

Destination server settings (and mods if appropriate) would determine what is allowed. Official PvP: option 1. Official PvE: option 1 or 2. Private/solo: option 1, 2, or 3.

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I really don’t mind starting over, building up content is also nice.

But sadly no one appreciate early game content in games anymore, its always about who rushed the fastest to the top and who becomes the biggest overlord, but this is my point of view.

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I totally respect your point of view and at the end of day for me it does not really Matter how it will be done.

What does Matter for me is the entire RNG system on how you get recipes/scrolls, stuff in general. I know for sure that i would dislike having to refarm all the “important” recipes over and over again.

For me all the transfer issue relates to the end game grind, which can take you months, i would even say years…for example i played Siptah since early Octomber and i am yet to see the gravedigger scroll to drop, same with the tinkerer stuff, no signs of them…after hundreds of vaults done.


I think it would work just fine if there are brother/sister servers. All you’d have to have is a situation where the servers are linked so that transfer only takes place between two linked servers and then it wouldnt matter if you brought stuff with you.


You have a very good point there although I do think that some players don’t mind starting from scratch on a new server once in a while, but I think the problem is tied to the experience you already have gained + the grind to get up to where you previously were on another server has grown almost exponentially, so an option to bring a levelled character to a new map, simply because not everyone has the time or like to start from scratch again, an endgame character is not only the levels you have reached, but also the amount of recipes you have learned which pretty fast can have taken you several times longer than the actual levelling.
Most of us remember how it was when we dipped our toes for the first time in exile lands, everything was new and a bit scary but also very exciting.
Personally I started way back in early access shortly after the game became available on steam, there wasn’t much info or even that many features in the game, so info was scarce, but I didn’t mind because I already had decided that I for once would learn by doing instead of seeking information and watching videos on how things were.
I had a blast despite all the glaring bugs and glitches, yes believe it or not, but at that time the game had really serious bugs where some of them made the game almost unplayable, however that feeling of innocence and not knowing what would happen next - It is a feeling you won’t get back, but at least you get a taste of it by starting completely over, the experience you have from earlier characters tend you to at some point start speeding things up simply because you know how to do things more efficiently :slight_smile:


Wouldn’t this sort of require them to double the amount of servers?

All of you guys have a good point here haha

To get back on the grinding part, removing RNG would resolve the whole problem.
But if that gets removed to what makes the items special since its fairly easy to get them if there’s no RNG.

But I feel like heading to a whole another conversation now, so sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

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Not really. You just take existing official servers for both maps and “pair” them (however that’s done). They already have the same server settings anyway so its not like someone would be transferring with any advantage from SP or a boosted server or anything. If there are more EL servers than Siptah that arent paired, you just have to accept they dont have a mate or funcom adds/reallocates low pop servers to fill the gap.