The Character Transfer Issue

What’d be REALLY nice is if we could just make ONE character that could hop from server to server, keeping only player level, learned feats, and emotes. No items or gear of any kind. Just the Character itself.

And, of course, with some kinda system in place that prevents stat tampering. I’d call it a player’s “Profile Character”. I’d understand if there was an option to disable “Profile Characters” for specific servers that the hosts don’t want high-level dudes spawning into or official PVP servers, but for basic PVE servers, why not?

There’s plenty of games that do this and there’s no reason to copy [Ark, Rust, 7 Days, etc]'s “new-character-per-sever” lazy and lacking system.

Note: for anyone worrying about stat tampering, there are VERY easy ways to prevent this, so don’t worry about that.

No, we need to transfer inventory (99% encumbrance), weapons, armor and tools. It is good like it is.

Else it is like starting from 0, with only level 60 …

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How does this work? If I have maybe a dozen leveled and unleveled toons on PC Official servers, does that mean I could move each of them? That’d be gnarly.

I think item transfer is just a really bad idea from the get-go. I guess there’s no downside for a PVE server, but from a PVP standpoint, it’s just plain cheating. Which is hilarious for me to say because I never play PVP.

I personally love starting from nothing and building a whole new empire each time. What I despise is the loss of learned emotes and feats, having to re-customize my character, and having to level back up to 60 (which really doesn’t add much, so why not just stay at 60?).

So your complaint is involving item transfer. If that was an additional feature, that could be coupled with the “Profile Character” idea (basically like Terraria) would you then agree?

And of course, there would be an option for official servers (just PVP for official) and community servers to disable item transfer but ALLOW the “Profile Character” system.

No, a profile character would be something you create in the main menu and when you join a new server you’d have the option to make a new character OR use your Profile Character (which I guess would be saved inside Funcom’s servers, to prevent tampering). Think Terraria’s character system but without the item transfer.

So let’s say you make a Profile Character for the first time, you join [random official PVE server #1], you level up to 30 and collect half of all the emotes and discoverable feats. You then quit and join [random official PVE server #2], you choose to use your Profile Character, you start with no items or gear but your character level, learned emotes, and discovered feats are all saved from before. Then you level up the rest of the way and find ALL emotes a discoverable feats. You could then go back to [random official PVE server #1] and you would save those upgrades you made in [random official PVE server #2].

I may have made that more confusing than needed. Hopefully not.

Monday and tuesday eddie goes to an official Exiled Lands server where he has a character that he has had since release day.
Wednesday and thursday he goes to Siptah where he goes exploring the islands with his white haired black dude.
But Friday to sunday Eddie goes to a different official server where he dress up like woman in clothes that reveal more than they hide, he loves colorful clothes, makeup and lipstick just like the other dudes he play with on this server.

How will you explain to Eddie that he now can have only one character and that he has to do without the other 2?

Also what about everything he has built and collected on the 3 servers?

Eddie won’t be happy, infact he might even say to hell with this game and look for another where he can play without such nonsense.

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Welcome, by the way. Please don’t let my like for @Frillen’s post mean I’m not listening, I simply found it very entertaining.

I have barely started Terraria actually, so I’m a little shaky on it. Am I able to make all the toons, like I currently have scattered all over?

You still have the choice to make a new character per server, but in addition, you have the choice to use your universal “Profile Character”. None of “Eddie’s” previous characters or items would be deleted (no idea why that would happen). Also, let’s not forget the Orb of Nergal (or whatever it’s called) that lets you change your character’s appearance at any given time. And you’d also be able to change your Profile Character’s appearance any time in the main menu.

Also, if this “Profile Character” is saved on Funcom’s servers, then it’d be up to them whether or not they’d allow us to make more than one of them.

And if you are suggesting that we could have multiple characters on the same server… well that’s a whole different thing because we already can’t do that.

I had added extra to my original reply to you before you sent this one, hopefully the updated info will explain more in detail. Also, feel free to read my reply to Frillen, it may also provide needed info.

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I’m well aware of this, I’ve been here since early access and have put more than 6000 hours into this game playing pve/pve-c/pvp on both official and private server :slight_smile:

Still what you are suggesting will prevent those that have old characters from moving to a different server unless they are willing to create a new so-called “Profile Character” and level it, learn all the recipes once more, and for what?
Doing the same as they do now just way more limited, how do you think the majority of players would react?

The Isle of Siptah is an expansion, and we probably got it because people always wished for a bigger Exiled lands map, but the engine used in the game can’t handle bigger maps, so a different map was the only option to expand the land.

In my eyes the perfect expansion map would be a map where you could travel freely to and from, bringing some luggage and take home some souvenirs, you know just like when you go on a vacation in RL, but you are suggesting that we can only do it butt naked, both ways!
So instead of sort of being an expansion with some connection, it just sort of turns into 2 games with different biomes but same game mechanisms, however with the same character, but only bringing your wisdom, knowledge and nothing else.

I don’t think this is what the majority of players wanted, and I don’t think it would go well if Funcom changed it to this.

There was a lot of talk about how a character transfer could be before it was introduced.
A lot of people would have loved it to be connected servers, meaning sort of sister servers EL & Siptah servers connected in pairs with free travel between these, if so I think a lot of people wouldn’t mind not being able to bring anything if they moved their character to a different pair of servers.

I understand that your idea probably would fit better with pvp and maybe pve-c, but for pve it doesn’t offer anything other than less than what they have now, and since pve is the vast majority of players, I think it wouldn’t be a wise move by Funcom to limit the character transfer even more than it currently is :slight_smile:


I also love starting from scratch a building my way up. Unlike you, I enjoy leveling back up to 60, visiting all the nooks and crannies where I can find emotes and recipes, and stuff like that. What I absolutely loathe is the whole RNG slot machine of getting the thralls I want and the gear I want. I wish I could get them through skill or earn even them slowly through steady progress, rather than just through mindless repetition of a process I can’t control.

Long story short, not everyone shares the same set of preferences, or the same idea of what the transfer should be like :wink:

Honestly, I feel like the character transfer was a hack they came up with to appease people and, as hacks often do, it let everyone down. Most players who asked for this feature never asked for “character import and export”, they wanted to travel between servers.

Of course, that’s really hard to do, since the whole “each character belongs to one server” concept is baked into the game at the lowest level, hence the hacky import/export solution. If they could actually make the actual server travel work, with inventory and everything – and leave it disabled for PVP servers – most people would be pretty happy.


I never once stated that the pre-existing Character Transfer option would be removed. That seems to be the premise of your complaint so I’d like to know if you have any complaints after me telling you this. Sorry to have made you write multiple paragraphs on one issue that was never a part of this discussion.

Transferring over from the Exiled Lands to the Isle of Siptah definitely need to be made easier, for sure. I agree with you on that one. I wish they would somehow just connect those two maps, but that would be a world’s amount of trouble for multiple reasons.

However, on a side note not at all connected with the “Profile Character” idea, I definitely disagree with item transfer in most cases. PVP is a definite no-go. That system would and WAS being used to grief players. I don’t see how it could hurt PVE servers though. However, transferring armor, weapons, tools, etc. really doesn’t help a player at all. A player’s base is the most important piece of the puzzle, and to transfer a BASE would be… well don’t even get me started on how many problems that would cause. This is all off-topic, of course. That’s just me voicing my own opinion on that subject. I certainly wouldn’t want Funcom to remove that feature because we are already allowed to disable it on our own servers. (of course they HAVE already temporarily removed it)

I agree 100% with this, this is basically the exact thing Terraria has had for over a decade. The only difference I made was to remove item transfers for specific reasons. But other than that, it’s exactly what I was implying.

And it’s not that I don’t enjoy leveling up, I really do. I just hate how little it adds when you fully max out, like seriously, let us level up PAST 60. That, and when I hop from server to server (for friends, because I have my own favorite server) it gets very repetitive.

And yeah, I’ve always hated the “Import/export” mechanic. I’m way too scared about moving my character over to a server and then that server getting deleted… It’s a really dumb system.

Holy Set, this is maybe the third time I’ve ever seen hack used correctly. My compliments.

When you put it like that, and I look at character transfers, I can’t imagine someone deliberately conceptualized the process as it exists in its current form.

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And this

We, the people of CE wanted an expansion, but got a different game. Funcom called it a “DLC” but it wasnt. They then realized their mistake and tried to do server transfers but F’ed that up also.

I love my CE avatar, I have had her for years and just want to travel back and forth and do all of the neat Siptah things and get the recipes and armor of Siptah, without costing me my bases and years of work playing CE.
I had high hopes for the server transfer but FC seems determined to disappoint we veteran players.
Possibly because they have lost all of their veteran programmers and managers, and the new crew does not really care.


How can you say you 100% agree with something he said and then turn around in your next sentence and disagree with half of it? I would love a more fluid way to transfer my character AND my inventory, but I am not willing to give up my suitcase of travel souvenirs in favor of a single profile transfer. If you don’t want to transfer items in your inventory, then don’t, but stopping others from doing it seems absurd to me. Most PvP players want the whole thing turned off, and that might be best on PvP servers, so I’m only addressing the PvE side of this at the moment.

I think you overlooked or misunderstood what @Frillen was trying to relay to you. Not everyone plays the way you do. People RP Conan, which means they don’t always want the same ‘cookie cutter’ character. Who are you to force them to play the way ‘you’ want? I have multiple characters on multiple servers, some male, some female.

Yet this is exactly what you’re suggesting. :man_facepalming: By implementing the changes you’ve proposed (in your opening paragraph), the current transfer system would no longer exist. Unless you were suggesting a second transfer system that runs congruently, in which case you weren’t very clear. :man_shrugging:


Just to clarify, what Terraria has is not a single profile transfer. You can have as many characters as you want and as many worlds as you want, but they’re independent of each other. You can take any of your Terraria characters to any world.

I wouldn’t mind that system in Conan Exiles, either, but I’m pretty sure it’s not going to happen. Too much dev effort, too many risks, too many problems with mods, and a whole lot of furor from certain parts of the playerbase. :man_shrugging:

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