Transferring a naked character with your levels and every thing you learned needs to be a thing

Or just make everyones character the same for every server. If you want to move servers, it’s not cool having to relearn all of those recipes and level up again. You shouldn’t have to feel stuck on one server.

It would add a lot of longevity to the game too.

I don’t see the harm in that, I can see why people are scared to transfer items because ya there would be mega tribes like Ark that wipe every other server. But if they aren’t transferring items and have to build up first then (which would still happen but at least they earned it) there really isn’t much harm in it.

I tried to get a lot of people from Ark to come to this game and that is the absolute main reason why they won’t.

So if a server has a very low xp rate…to slow leveling. And a player makes a char on a really high xp rate server…

Transferring it to the low xp server, is that fair?

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Doesn’t seem to be much point. If all you are transferring ate your levels and feats then you are essentially paying for 2-3 days of catchup. Presuming you’re transferring to pay with specific people, it’s even less.

Leveling is beyond fast here compared to must every other survival game save for Minecraft. If you want to play a character on another server, then roll a character on another server.

ok then make it so its the same type of official server then

they could at least add a cluster with transferring enabled within a cluster of however many servers for people that want that. That wouldn’t bother anybody. It doesn’t even have to be a huge number, 10-20 server cluster that you can transfer around, hell do it with items even. I bet you a ton of players would be flocking to those servers.

I realy love lvl progression system. Why do you ask to remove it from the game? It’s not Counter Strike type of gameplay,

no ,it’s not f** ark

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