Character transference

Actually it’s like this.

I do not have an on-line server on my server, although it was previously top.

I decided with my team to go to other servers to find an opponent.

On one non-official server x1, the experience was leveled up to level 60, but later we were outnumbered … was not very convenient for us pvp time.

Let’s go to another server …
We pumped up to 60 lvl and the admin banned all our enemies for what they started to call him. Online has fallen sharply. There is no one to fight on the server.

Let’s go again to the official silver, the volcano is all built-up.
But that’s not the point, after taking the 30th level, we realized that we were more able to swing in this game.

There are a lot of pumped characters, there are a bunch of different bases and a pile of loot, and there’s no one to fight with.

funcom people have no one to fight, there are no players.

I noticed the following:
If you raid top clans, they usually go to another server and start all over again, so that no one sees them at the beginning, but if they are raided again, they again change the server and each time they pump the character, which is very annoying.

It is necessary to correct this.

And you have a lot of ideas on the forum where you come to the location, and there players also from other servers are fighting for the mines.

Consider these ideas

Non- official servers should never be able to transfer to an official sever that is the dumbest idea ever! But I do agree with being able to at least transfer a character from official to another official. Keep it fair transfer naked no inventory no equipment.

I did not mean the transfer from the official to the official server, only from the official to the official one.
I have 3 characters 60 lvl on the official server (6 together with not official server), and when once again we chose the server in order to find our opponent we realized that there is no more power to raise the level, although online on the server is maximal.

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