Can we transfer characters to different server

I hope so…Playing on a PvP official now but tried of loosing all my work.

Unfortunately no, you cannot.

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Did you say that you are tired of loosing your work all the time ?

hey man go to a server with an admin where they never wipe.or where they have a flag system so you wont wake up in the desert if you lose one night of being online.If I may.I recommend my server.We have what I just described. :smile: It is PC and we have mods but just come and have a chat in voice .Who knows you might like it.

When it takes a few short days to hit max level…there is zero need to transfer characters

Getting the exp is no big deal, but going back to the Legendary Items Lottery for those few top-tier items you take everywhere with you is not an attractive prospect.

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So then you wish to be able to transfer with items then? Just like how they do it in ark?

I don’t like that idea. Here comes a band of dupers and exploiters that show up on every occupied server with 1000000 bombs, and your server is wiped in one day. If not dupers, it could be a legit mega tribe that does it too. Either way, I think the majority of the player base would be against that idea.


I don’t care either way, I’m a Solo player. I just wanted to point out why someone else might want to be able to transfer characters.

I do recognize the possible problems of being able to move from one server to another, but as it doesn’t concern me, personally, I don’t feel it’s my place to say whether it’s a good or bad idea.

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