Can I transfer my Character from an OFFICIAL server to another OFFICIAL server?

OK so from what I have gathered you cannot transer your character from one official server to another. please correct me if im wrong. now I say OFFICIAL so people dont say " well if i could transfer from server to server i would create a character on a private server and transfer to an official server". Now I ask this because i love pvp and i played ark for 2 years and when people lose in pvp they tend to want to leave the server and go to another pvp server. if you cannot transfer servers on this game you could effectively kill your server to the point where your tribe is the only tribe on the server and that can get boring. Before someone explains that the character is saved to the server and there is this impossable process to transfer character from server to server, in ARK you character was also saved to the server and if you wanted to transfers servers you had to go to 1 of the 3 obilisks on your server (or any loot drop) and upload your character into the OB in select another server. the only thing you couldnt do was if you were on a pve server you could not tranfer to a pvp server and vice versa, also if you were on singleplayer you could not take that character to a official server and the same thing applied to private servers, if you were on a private server you could not take that character to an official server. So i ask why can you not transfer servers in this game, without starting a new character? Now if im wrong and you can transfer server to server please let me know. Thank you for your replies

No you can’t. Because they don’t want to. They have already been accused of copying Ark so much as it is without them plagiarising something else from it.

Thanks for the quick reply. How do you keep servers alive then? I dont have the game yet i am waiting for it to launch on ps4 on the 8th. I am curious on the mindset of the players for example DO people tend to leave servers in this game is they lose a fight? I’m not saying there being bullied or anything but because its pvp if they were attacked and lost do people tend to leave or re build. Or do people try to be civilized when they pvp by laying ground rules? Sorry for all the questioning

You will find it very much like any other game like this Ark included.
People will move from server to server looking for easy fights that make themselves feel great. Others will stick through loyalty and so on.

This game is light years ahead of Ark. In fact Joel Bylos stated that it is nothing like Ark in one of the Dev Streams.

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it is really rediculous why ppl compare games with each other. Who cares if some elements are same like in other games.

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Basically you’re saying your clan kills off a server and you wish you could move to another server and do it all over again…perhaps you should change your playstyle to avoid running people off the server. People don’t leave servers when they lose pvp battles…they leave when their bases get leveled.


This is quite true. I have no problem with someone kicking in the doors and stealing our loot, but when they proceed to destroy EVERY work station just to the “fun” of it that makes one leave a server. This happened to our first base (Tier 1 building pieces) in a particular server so we moved to a second location (combo of Tier 1 & Tier 2 building pieces) and built a decent base. We then went to a third location (combo of Tier 2 & Tier 3 building pieces) and built a better base. We logged off for two hours. When we logged back into the game Bases #2 and #3 were leveled (all work stations destroyed). After that destruction, we left that server.

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This. There’s a reason most of the popular community servers have standing “Don’t be a d***” rules and tend of have players who have played on the same server for well over a year. Official servers in most any survival game are generally bedlam.

Joel Jokingly stated it is nothing like ARK. With Sarcasm in his voice both him and Jens tried their best to state this while giggling to themselves which is practically an admission that there are similarities.

Thats why I run a private PvE server. :slight_smile:

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Well, they both use the UE 4… I understanding that CE has far more C++ coding involved that is not present in Ark which might explain the giggling concerning the comparison.

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I don’t think most people care what languages are used to develop the games. UE 4 as a base engine covers a lot of games that aren’t alike. UE 4 can entirely be done with blueprints (I do game developing in both UE and Unity)

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You may be right. You can ask anyone of the mod authors and they will also tell you I am right about a lot of things in CE being in C++.

This could be true, it all depends how you interpret it. There is nothing original any more even the ideas behind Minecraft were plagiarised and I have heard CE expressed as Minecraft on steroids at times.

Lets be honest. Ark is dying and they have no room to talk. We need the ability to transfer servers because groups like mine who are 40 plus will dominate a server and it wouldn’t be fun if we went that route. We need the ability to move from server to server. Perhaps via a special task for your god.

oh BS, every building survival game is just like ark… cause theyre all the same. it takes 2-3 days to get to 60 in conan…

HAHA, no, you have to stay on a server and reap what you sow

be a dick and get attacked like one

build a huge destructive clan and wipe your server? yay now you can pve to your hearts content

play “nice” or kill your server!


My speech. Be nice or play singleplayer. This pretty much nailed it.