Character Transfer - coming soon (2.4 patch notes)


From the 2.4 update:

“Coming soon in the near future is also the new Server Character Transfer feature! With this new option you will be able to transfer your character between Official servers, between unofficial servers, or from an Official server to an unofficial server keeping your name and appearance, level and all items in your backpack. Even between the Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah!
(Please note: This is currently a W.I.P. feature and it’s not active in this initial release - we are still working on and testing this feature. To transfer to or from the Isle of Siptah, ownership of the DLC Expansion pack is required)”

I assumed character level, name, appearance, feats, would all go… sure. But even all items in your backpack? Are they serious???

So instead of “body vaulting”, which is already problematic, I can also take my stuff to the most dead official PVP server and hide it there, and just grab it whenever I need it on the populated PVP official?

Or instead of starting out on a populated PVP server, I can farm risk free for as long as I like, then port my stuff over to start sh#t with people???

Or if I want to keep a god bubble going indefinitely, I can just farm it up on the dead PVP server, where nobody will have a chance at stopping the forever-bubble? At least nowadays you can try to catch the enemy farming the bubble, but with this change that would be simply impossible.

How in any way can transferring items be a good thing, other than enticing people to go to Siptah so they can make some sales on people like me who see the constant problems there and are hesitant to join it?

You are overlooking the part where its a WIP that isnt ready for release yet. No point in getting bothered over an exploit that does not yet exist.

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Shouldn’t we be discussing upcoming changes that represent HUGE threats to gameplay (my opinion), so they know the communities collective opinions?

I love so many of the changes they’ve made lately. But if that change goes into effect where you can move items from server to server, it’s so unbelievably broken that I would most certainly stop playing this game entirely. And I’ve never thought that about any upcoming or enacted change.

They are aware of the potential exploits.

Dennis talked about it during yesterday’s developer stream. According to what he said, they’re thinking of imposing a cooldown of 1 day for PVE(-C) and 1 week for PVP. Bear in mind that none of that is yet final, it’s all subject to change.


Where will you port back to? Will it be an obelisk, that may be camped, or a random spot in the map?
The thing is, nobody knows, since it IS a WIP.
No sense getting sand in it, until you know for certain.

Hi all. I am weak on English skills so please be polite to my pigeon language. I am also aware of this feature. Here are my points:

  1. Clan farms on empty pvp server without any risk. Then it comes to another pvp server with loads of stuff like bombs, weapons, buff/healing items or even god tokens!!! They just make small hideout or even full base and start raiding. No risk on preparation is bad.
  2. If there is cooldown between server transfers. Someone raids and gets lots of stuff. Then he/she/they transfers to another server to hide stolen stuff. How can owner of raided base revenge? He may not know to which server enemies went. And if he does – it would take cooldown time to return back to home server. And if you are last member of the clan, you would not find any portion of your stuff because of decay. No place to return.
  3. What would happen if I transfer my char to the server where I already have another character?

Lots of question. I personally hoped that Funcom would make server clusters like in Ark. Two servers with different maps (Siptah and EL) form one pair. And transfers are allowed only between those servers. Without any cooldowns – just for traveling

Some sort of cool down would help, but I don’t see how that will stop abuse unless its an extremely long cool down like 6+ months. If its more like 1 month, with a 10-person clan that has a couple of alts, then between the members and the alts they can still easily transfer things back and forth once a week or more without suffering even moderate penalties.

I have been playing for the last 9 months straight on a highly populated official PVP server. Anyone who plays on high-pop official PVP servers knows that cheating/undermeshing is a huge problem. Thankfully each of the past few patches seem to help more and more, but it’s still a regular problem. Our clan has suffered through 5 different big, massively cheating clans (major undermeshing, speed hacking, 50-statting, you name it) over the past 5-6ish months: each time is all we can do to barely survive long enough to hope that our reports have action taken on them. Once in a great while we are able to work together with the other big clans to actually push them out with constant pressure.

If the cool down is even 1-2 weeks, these cheating clans will never suffer any retribution, as the second they come across an alliance of clans who are working together and actually starting to win? They will just move to another server with all their cheated/stolen loot and start over. Good luck to that next server, and the next, and the next.

These cheating clans almost never farm, they simply cheat their way into the noob river T1’s, then move onto smaller T2/3 bases, and once they’ve stolen enough loot to crack the big, rich T3 bases they do. That’s how they’ve done it every time. And if they can take that stolen loot to another server the second they hit some resistance, all hope for official PVP servers is done. We’ve been barely holding on against the cheaters as it is. By the time Funcom is able to come investigate their stuff will be decayed and their loot and characters on another server, so our video evidence of undermeshing will be worthless. Video evidence of their cheating (like speed hacking) might still be worthwhile? Either way, this seems awful, and in a month or two they’ll just be back on our server and we’ll have to start the reporting process all over (except they’ll be instantly rich with loot upon getting here, so there is no time to identify them as the cheating clan as they slowly build up for a week or two - if we could see the player names + clans in the player list, this wouldn’t be a problem).

Can someone tell me what the use case is for this character transfer, when it pertains to official PVP servers? Is that use case still valid if the cool down is something like 6 months? I can see how it might be nice on all other types of servers, but this just seems like a total nightmare on official PVP.


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