Question about Cross Server Travel

Alright, they have been talking about being able to go from one map to another, to continue on with your character. At first, many of us (in my community), assumed this ment you would just import your character from one map to the other from time to time. (Like ‘im bored here, time to play on siptah for a while’, transfer that character as is over to new map, like when importing a character from a game to it’s sequel, i didnt consider going back and forth from map to map, like on WoW.)

In todays dev stream they said they were keeping resources on the maps different, because they wanted us to need to play on both maps to collect scrolls and resources. This tells me that cross map travel is going to happen fairly often.

Is 2.4 going to launch with both maps on a single server? If not, how will this work? I play on a privately owned public server, will the owner have to purchase TWO servers, one for each map?

I’m sure it would have to be an automated process if you are requiring both maps to collect / progress, I cant see server owners / official servers manually importing people over for that. (which is kinda what I thought it was originally going to be, before I heard you want us to go back and forth).

Is there a post / article somewhere explaining how this is going to work?


Olá, também tive a mesma duvida, eu acredito que isso funcionaria mais para o PVE, pois no PVP seria uma vantagem desonesta para quem não tiver um dos dois mapas, ou a nona DLC será Gratuita, (DUVIDO MUITO), mas vale a pena a pergunta, seria mesmo uma boa ideia este Translado de um mapa para outro ou um tiro no próprio pé, logo será como o ARK, transferindo personagens, itens e seguidores de um mapa para o outro, se for assim porque não utilizar algumas ferramentas deste mesmo jogo aqui no nosso amado Conan

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i don’t mind the char server travel but i am not down for them being able to move items back and forth like Ark allowed, that ruined servers left and right on that game…


They said we will have to. Like if we want to make things with obsian, you will have to go to CE to get it… or to learn certain items, you have to go to CE to get it ,then come back to siptah.

“We want the maps to be different, we want you to need to go to the other map to collect things.”


have you played ark when they started that? you gonna have troll clan server hopping from one to another to wipe servers with mats and building parts… and guess what you can’t stop that cause they not just coming at you from one server, they coming at you from multi servers, cause they will take over dead servers and turn them into farm servers just for this…


So does that mean that everyone has to buy it? Or did all the people that bought it… did it too quick because its now free?

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I would think that servers would have a specific sister server that it would be linked to, so that you cant jump around on dozens of maps… At least, that’s my hope.

This is already being done with mods but Funcom has stated they are working on their own version. Right now, how it works with mods is this. You can transfer to and from any map using a portal system created by the mod. Each map you want to use is its own individual server. All items and inventories do transfer with the character. Biggest problem right now is that some mods that add info to characters, like pippi quests/ranks, traits like EEWA use, etc, only get tracked on the main starter map. They do not transfer with your character to the other maps.

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That’s not really how they made it sound. People in the stream were asking if stuff like Grey Lotus and Obsidian and what not would be added to Siptah, and if certain scrolls would be put in as well, and they said they wanted the maps to be different so that you would have to travel between the two.

I really wish they would explain it better for us.

They stated in todays stream that new land masses for Siptah are coming with 2.4 update.

Como eu disse, espero que eles estejam, cientes que isso pode se transformar em um tiro no próprio pé, e volta a frisar " Isso pode funcionar no PVE, Mas no PVP pode e vai dar bagunça", bem espero que eu esteja totalmente errado de verdade, o que eu mais quero, é que, o jogo progrida cada vez mais e tenha muito sucesso, para que todos nós possamos nos divertir cada vez mais.

Well, I hope that whatever is implemented also allows for private servers to have more control. Like the ability to control whether characters come in naked.

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isso o dono do servidor privado tem que bloquear, assim como nos oficiais, mas vai de cada pessoa também

I think you either heard them wrong, or misinterpreted what they said. I paid special attention to that part, because they answered three of the questions I asked on the forums.

The answer to my question about whether they’ll be changing how you obtain Exiled Lands recipes on Siptah was that there are no plans to do so, because they want to keep the maps different, and that the inter-server character transfer will allow you to go between the two maps for the “unlocks” (this is the specific word they used).

The answer to my question about the grey-flower lupin, obsidian, sand beast bile glands, and Potion of Bestial Memory recipe was that the resources (lupin, obsidian, and glands) will be made available on the new land mass, but the recipe won’t, because the potion itself drops randomly from elite (alpha) mobs.

To hear the questions and the answers, go to the timestamp 01:01:51 in the recording of the stream.

All in all, the idea seems to be that they want the maps to be different in terms of how you get recipes, but the character transfer system would allow you to sidestep those differences if you want to.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t give us any clarity on whether they’ll allow item transfer or just feats.


You can change this setting yourself to never see a naked character what’s under your settings

Teachers pet. . . lol


I don’t care, as long as they answer questions :rofl:


Sorry, naked as in unable to transfer character inventory between servers

So what would be the point in server transfers? I want my CE avatar to be able to move freely between CE and IoS and use all of the perks that come with each genre.

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To go to the other map and learn the recipes there and get the achievements?

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