Question about Cross Server Travel

Please, no. There is no sense in that especially having the devs mention… " we want to keep maps Different ". Think about the Future aswell and for eventually NEW maps coming.

Stop thinking that Clan X will come and wipe Servers, that can happen now aswell. I am sorry( i know that not everyone is rushing to 60 )but to get 60/bombs/starmetal it takes like 3-4 hours currently.

what you also fail to look at if they can come in with item that means they can leave with them, so that means they come take all your stuff and go to their home farm server where you are not getting a chance at getting it back. at least naked Xfer’s only they have to build up farm to get a hold , and if they take your stuff you got a chance of getting it back if you play your cards right… but if they can xfer with it off say by to everything . and if your down for that ARK just the place for you…

I think “spirit” transfers will be the best way to handle it. You keep all your learned skills, levels, attributes, feats and recipes, but no items transfer over on the first move from one to another server, but your old body and gear stay behind. On the new server, get busy harvesting and crafting, to build your gear back up again, then when you transfer back, it should be right into your previous body and gear.

So only the first transfer over are you “naked”. After that, you would move into fully equipped bodies each time, if it is a server you have played on already.

No items should move between servers.

One game I play, when server travel opened up, there was a mass of folks making the move from one to the other, bringing all their belongings with and the huge volume of data moving from one to the other server kept lagging both servers to make the game unplayable.

It was vastly more than individual Conan character inventories would ever allow to happen, so it might not be an issue here, but… the number of support cases that Funcom will be dealing with… “I lost all my gear when moving to Siptah”… ugh. They should just stay away from items completely.

They need to sell tickets to the Soul Train.


The Ticket response has improoved over the Last months.

C’mon mate, i am waiting more from you then. X clan comes to the Server and takes my stuff, or player X comes and Walls me in. There are consequences for every abuse done to you or what you own in game.

Why implement a very good Feature only to have it gutted from the start.

I really want to see what happends when X clan Transfers, in a Couple of hours they are ready to raid you. It is the same thing, if a 10 man clan wants to wipe you, they will wipe no Matter what.

We need better reasons then the above in Order to transfer naked.

You guys need to Think about it better, do not make the same mistake as you did with horses and then cry to mama cause horses are to OP.

Nudity is covered by the server settings and the player settings. If the server is set to full nudity, but the player setting is not to Full, then the player will not see it.

In cases on consoles, or in certain countries, there are international laws prohibiting full nudity in games. Some countries extend that prohibition to all platforms including PC. Those rules overrule any setting. In those countries the Developer may not even release their game in that country unless full nudity is completely disabled.

Aside the fact that server travel is already possible with mods…

Being able to learn stuff on one map but not taking any items with you would not make sense in the first place.

For Example: You can learn all that eldarium stuff on siptah, but if you are not able to take any eldarium (or stuff you created with it) with you… what would be the point in learning those recipe in the first place?

And if mods come into play - some mods like Age of Calamitous have lots of content added to the exiled lands - heck, even some custom maps might add stuff that will not be available on other maps.

So what is left? Not having to level your character to max level or choosing a the appearance of your avatar?

It depends on the community you are playing with - transfering a max level char with best-in-slot gear in a PvP enviroment might be bad thing for the server you are invading.
But for PvE and RP communities it is a great way to “add content” to the game by simply providing something new to explore and achieve.

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Finally someone with Vision :stuck_out_tongue:

People that do invade Servers for the only reason that they grief people, will never need end game gear.

They will just God your Base and move to the Next one. T4 priests are so easy to get nowadays…

I hope they do paired servers so you can only travel between one EL and one IoS server.

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lol you really think once they allow items xfers and all that starts to happen with the abuse… you really think that they will take action as fast as you really think? hell we got ppl on servers still waiting for funcom to come clean up abuse stuff from clans but guess what they still there doing the same thing… so if you really think that funcom will stop the trolls from abusing this method of server xfer with full body vaults of stuff… good luck… and doesn’t just take a X clan of 10 ppl… i guess you never meet that one good pvper…

this i swhat im hoping too… this would end alot of the “omg pvp rolfstompers” fear. with people thinking others are just gonna server hop and destroy… I mainly play PVE s oi often forget about all the ways people are jerks via PVP … lol

I will raise another question about server transfer ( if it is not made in the paired server way described above ) , what will happen to people having already 2 lvl 60 characters ( one on each map ) , will they be able to " merge " ?

in Example : steam account 1 , has a lvl 60 character on Exiles Land 1111 , and has a lvl 60 character on Siptah 2222 , he decides to move from 1111 with his EL character to siptah 2222 , will the 2 characters be merged automatically ( inheriting the feats , clan position , ect … ) ? or will there be a weird scenario where you have 2 different characters on 2222 now , and have to invite yourself in the clan … ( cause if it is the latter , i can see people exploting this to have multiple body vaults on pvp , and solo people having a 10 " one-man " clan , something that mostly disapeared with the family share disabled on officials ) .

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I hear PVE servers have their share too…

If they allow transfer to any server with inventory I bet it wont take a week before someone built over Brimstone lake on every server lol

That is a great point Sailor and it makes sense. For me personally, I would prefer moving between servers with my entire inventory, plus have my thralls follow through and their inventory. Would make the travel much more seamless. But for the official servers, I see moving items between to be more of an issue. Maybe I’m just reading too much into the issues that pvp players (or griefing pve players) bring into the game.

In my mind, when I think about having to moderate something, I ask “will this create more work for my lazy ■■■? Yes? Then Kiss that feature goodbye”. But if they are up for the challenge and willing to enable full inventory (and possibly thralls), then I’ll enjoy it even more between my own two servers. Honestly, I’d love to head over to EL with my Siptah gear and run the wine cellar right now.

what if I don’t get siptah. means you offline me, loot and hide away on a map I don’t want to pay for. called pay 2 win.

Also say we CE to Ce full transfers.
Troll clan farms on dead server 1000 t3 founds.
They jump on a PVE server and spam.
Or better yet farm on PVE, jump offline on PVP, loot and them stash on the PVE, so I can’t retaliate at all.

Looks to me like it is a way to get everyone to buy the siptah map…

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wait, you mean since Siptah has better weapons and gear, people will have to have it to remain competitive in PvP? :wink:

I dont know…i just was wondering if everyone had to buy it to be able to use it…many of us have allready bought it. It would be crappy if it turned free now lol

So what you’re saying is that you’ve been very lucky and have somehow managed to avoid all those trolls and griefers and PVP rejects and generally toxic people on PVE(-C) servers :laughing:

As for the inventory transfer, if they implement it, you can expect Siptah PVE(-C) servers to become absolutely choked with massive builds. Exiled Lands are much, much better for farming than Siptah, so anyone who likes to build theme parks will just transfer over with buttloads of hardened bricks.

And crossing over from Siptah to Exiled Lands with eldarium gear is going to be very “popular” among the PVE-C and PVP crowd, too. It won’t be a month before everyone’s screaming how Siptah DLC made the whole game pay to win.