Solution to server transfers

Hey Funcom.
What do you find out about the server transfers? I am waiting patiently to play the game…
Im on a dead server and there is 20 days until I can transfer to another pvp server again. I just want to play NOW.
A solution would be to only let ppl transfer their character with feats and stats, but no items at all.
And it would ONLY be characters created on official servers?
I dont know… I just want this fixed Very soon so I can play the game again.

What would be the point of this when you can hit 60 in a few days?


To skip the grind every time you play on a new server and also keep all the feats you have learned through time?

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It is useless, in fews hours you are level 60.

So why transfer level 60 with no inventory and loose all your base on the previous server? …

Transfers every 3 days with 99% encumbrance is ok, waiting to get it back soon :slight_smile:

Leveling up to 60 might be fast. Getting the RNG-gated feats, such as those from the Esoteric Library, isn’t. It’s not really hard, it just gets boring due to RNG.


You can hit 60 in a few hours…

What will be the point of buying Siptah then? Its a bad map for pvp but a good map to farm eldarium and use Siptah gear on EL.

I would hope the point of buying it was you wanted to play it, or in my case you wanted the building sets.

I don’t mind people being able to transfer with items, but if players are buying Siptah just for the ability to get OP items and bring them back to EL that’s basically the definition of pay to win


I mean, that’s pretty much what was created when server transfers with items was introduced. When you factor in better gear and character buffs from sigils, pure EL builds are going to be at a disadvantage

It’s one of the reasons I’m against the transfers in general, I don’t want to see Siptah gear get nerfed into bland nothingness.

I think the main issue with server transfers are related to Official PvP servers regarding inventory being transferred and the Siptah related items.

The other issue, less discussed your bases/followers on the previous server will disappear with a server transfer which is more a PvE-C and PvE issue than a PvP issue. Items transferring issue is not an concern for the PvE-C / PvE servers. Only wish for these 2 server types is to be able transfer to and from the 2 maps easily / freely. This would make the 2 maps seem like one.

There are two different goals or mind-sets of fair game play between the different server types, which is not an issue. It is expected there would be different feels/goals between different game play.

My Solution is:
For Official PvP Servers, they can have their own rule set on what gets transferred over, re-set timers, etc. Whatever works best for them as a whole should be fine for their servers only.

For Official PvE Servers, do not change the inventory transfers. No issues there. Do not change the reset timers for being able to transfer back. I think that is acceptable wait timer. Majority of players are not going to transfer back and forth in a day anyway. Only change I suggest is to allow the bases to decay as normal instead of poofing when you leave. Plus, allow clan leaders to transfer as well if they wish.

One caveat is if a solo player decides to leave permanent a server, have an option that the server wipes his base/followers in a simple fashion. This way, it clears the server of the player’s base immediately. Less clutter, which is already in the transfer system so if possible to make it manual instead of automatic.

Well those are my thoughts. I will add more later if anything else pops in my mind.

Well, it was too easy to understand that sooner or later (in fact, MUCH sooner) the Exiled Lands PVP players would jump to Siptah, learn, craft, etc., and come back with OP chars. This obviously turns EL PVP into a sort of P2W and therefore must be stopped.
And PVE is NOT affected by such a PVP-disbalancing process.

This solution seems to solve the problem. I vote for it :slight_smile:
For Official PVP servers:

A solution would be to only let ppl transfer their character with feats and stats, but no items at all.

For Official PvE Servers

do not change the inventory transfers. No issues there. Do not change the reset timers for being able to transfer back. I think that is acceptable wait timer.

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If you have buy EL there is 3 years, you can buy siptah for half the price now.

It is not a pay to win, the 2 maps are one game! And little better weapons and armors will not make you “win” the game on a pvp server …

I dont really mind ppl transfering items, I just want to play the game. My main character is stuck on a dead PVP server atm. And No I dont want to level a new character up, I got 3,1k hours in the game, so Im pretty tired of it …

+1, Spitah was selling very badly, why do you think they implemented the transfer?

Transfr with items= Siptah, transfer without items = no Siptah, its a matter of money

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People wanted transfers early on during Isle of Siptah Early Access. Plus they stated they were working on Server Transfers very early on (first and/or second dev stream on Siptah) so it has nothing to do with the Isle of Siptah selling well or poorly.


I have buy Spitah only to get serpent boots and primitive armor to get +35 encumbrance for the transfers :slight_smile:

bearer pack + armor + 6 + 3 + 3 + 3 + 9
weapon + 5
warpaint + potion + 3 + 3

Now I explore a little to see if I can get others things interresting to play on EL, it is like a big dungeon for me.

I still don’t see the point. Most of the recipes aren’t game changing and it’s nothing you won’t pick back up on normal game play. Scraps to make god breaker require you explore the dungeon, khari steel requires you do the dungeon, etc. you’re going to get FoPs leveling thralls and gear farming in Unnamed City. You need those fragments for crafting a lot of the useful esoteric recipes in the first place.

And it’s even less useful concerning recipes coming from Siptah to EL because you won’t have the ingredients to craft most of the Siptah gear anyway.

It’s not an invalid argument. It’s just utterly pointless.

Yeah, which is why I would prefer to cut the crap and not have to spend them on endless slot machine gambling. I mean, seriously, how hard is it to get that wasting time on random dice rolls is not fun?


Personally, I agree with you, but I think a lot of people in Vegas might disagree :wink:

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Ha! This is the second time I’ve seen that argument :smiley:

Thankfully, it’s only the second :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyway, I get that some people enjoy gambling a lot, I just don’t like Funcom forcing it on everyone. I was looking forward to the character transfer precisely because it was a way around some of the worst RNG grind.

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