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Lol, I guess that means I don’t count on this week’s forum bingo card :laughing:

I’m certainly not a fan of the enforced gambling style of certain aspects (such as the tower and the library), but I must admit that an element of counter argument has also come my way over the past couple of months. I really enjoyed the addition of the vault armors/weapons - the idea of going somewhere and just being guaranteed to get the good recipes you went there for was fantastic. But, as I’ve mentioned somewhere before (I think), I did then find I had far less impetus to revisit them (and also far less impetus to bother with the delving bench). I don’t like the rng model - as we’ve discussed many times, it often feels like the laziest way of extending a game - but I am starting to feel that it could be good if there was something to replace it (though I’ve no idea right now what that could be…).

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Yeah, I’m constantly banging on the anti-RNG drum on these forums. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not even arguing for getting rid of RNG. All I would like is a tiny bit of influence so I feel like I’m a bit more in control.

Let’s say you have a boss that can drop either the Axe of Brütal Shredding, or the Club of the Seventh Baby Seal, or the Torch of Great Justice. So you go kill that boss over and over and over, and you really want that axe, but you just got yourself another torch, which was cool the first 10 times, but now it’s just bloody ridiculous. What would be one possible way to improve that?

Well, maybe you change the loot table so the boss could drop a Tättered Soul Fragment, or a Patch of Bloody Fur, or some Oil of Revenge. And you need 20 Tättered Soul Fragments (and some other ingredients) to craft an Axe of Brütal Shredding, or 15 Patches of Bloody Fur (and some other ingredients) to craft a Club of the Seventh Baby Seal, or 10 vials of Oil of Revenge (and some other ingredients) to craft a Torch of Great Justice.

Now it’s slightly better, because at least you feel a bit more in control. You feel like you’re making progress towards the goal of crafting this legendary weapon, rather than just pulling a metaphorical lever and waiting for that weapon to fall out.

Can we make it even better? Sure, make a list of special ingredients, along the lines of Tättered Soul Fragment, etc. I’m out of creative names, so let’s just call them A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, and J. Make different bosses drop different fragments. For example, boss X has a 30% chance to drop up to 3 A, and a 40% chance to drop up to 4 F; boss Y has a 20% chance to drop up to 3 D, a 10% chance to drop an A and up to 5 G, and a 50% chance to drop up to ; boss Z has a 35% chance to drop 2 B, and a 25% chance to drop an F and up to 3 H, etc. And make those special ingredients necessary in different quantities in order to craft cool legendaries, e.g. 10 D and 5 F for an Axe of Brütal Shredding, etc.

Now you’ve got:

  • more reasons to revisit dungeons
  • more options which dungeons to go to
  • more control over what you’ll do with the drops from those dungeons
  • and a trading economy, because these fragments are useful to everyone out there

And yet there’s still plenty of RNG involved.

But honestly, they don’t even have to go that far and make it that complicated. I would settle for even smaller QoL improvements, like being able to trade 3 Esoteric Library Recipes for 1 Fragment of Power.

In the end, I’m not against RNG, but against excessive RNG. That’s why I stopped playing Siptah: I initially thought that obtaining common Exiled Lands recipes through RNG was a placeholder mechanic during early access. When they confirmed it was by design and it was going to stay that way, I simply never went back to Siptah.

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I like it. A purpose to farming the same bosses, but with an element of being able to focus in on different things. The Pools of the Grey Ones has an element of that, now I think about it - actively seeking out the statues you want for the things you want to farm - be it Silent Legion for armour and chances at tablets of power, ghouls for their weapons, tcho-tcho for the ally tokens, blood moon beast for the ??? etc etc. And you’re right, that does give it a greater feeling of player control, while maintaining decent replayability.

I’d also quite happily accept the simple option of a straight exchange rate for unwanted recipes back to Fragments of power. Or, as someone else suggested the other week, adding the ability to scrap unwanted recipes into schematic fragments (which can then be combined for another spin of the wheel) would also feel like a reasonable improvement. (I should have remembered that earlier - my excuse is it’s been a long and tiring week - I should be more with it on the weekend :wink: ). But I must admit, I prefer your more complex suggestion, as it does seem to add far more value.


Would mean the Exiled lands would get a bump in activity again as people level over there and then transfer to Siptah

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