About server transfer

Ok so writing this because i kiiinda aint understanding this thing, first i try explain problem, and more problem the more questions

OK so after i died first time trying to transfer from Siptah to exile ( dunno why i was tped into warmaker and killed) i did not tryed again, but now i kinda need some stuff to tranfer between 2 servers that is not possible to obtain on siptah normally and same on exile lands…

So there starts problem, i have stuff on both servers but thing is, whan makes me die and loose stuff all time when i try? in log files it shows up as i am ‘‘throwing it out of inventory myself’’ BUG?

next one, so what is it exact : one says i can transfer to one server only once, other says i can do infinite tranfers on same server but once per 24 H in PVE ( this one is ok with me )

But there starts problem - if i try to tranfer like on server i have character it does not allow me to do that so question - its possible to have 2 uploaded chars? or i need to upload one, then place it in random server, then upload other one and place in server (first one) and then take stuff i neeed, wait 24 hours, upload it again back to other server, and then that other char from random server? Actually to explain this thing makes me confused…

in short, i play on exile land and siptah, but i need to place one stuff like i got on exile to siptah, but how its possibul


  • First you need to delete your character +++ on the target server +++ before to transfer. Do this with recreate character.
  • Exit the game, start again the game.
  • Then on the source server choose transfer, and import on the target server.
  • When you transfer, you loose everything on the source server.

By deleting their char on the destination server, wont they lose everything in there too provided they play solo.

well i already did report about tranfer, this time i died again when tranfered from exile to siptah … i tought items are gone by death but 3 hours later one player in exile lands said she has all my loot, so it happened like when i tranfered to siptah, all my items in inventory ( half atleast ) just dropped in bag that never decayed and stayed on exile lands for 3 hours??

That server transfer is total BUG, its like if u want transfer u need to be naked like totally new player joining, or u will be killed in process and teleported at random spot on whole map In exile lands its mostly inside warmaker dungeon, on siptah its west side ocean… until u drown… ah yes also bonus ( on that char i tested from siptah to ecile and back i had all vault armory, but on exile land it showed me only wolfmen and bat devils… all others gone )…

Or i am just lucky to find bugs in this game or dunno what is it :smiley:

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