Lost my character during server transfer

Here we go again with another bug, I lost my MAIN character during server transfer. Ofc was my MAIN character with tons of hours in the game, full of stuff, and with almost all the receipes and feats (exiles + Siptah). The transfer was from a siptah official server to an exile lands official server. Anyone can “help” me? Or just let me know what’s happening? Thanks.

ZenDesk is your only hope. Send a ticket with the details.

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Just did it, but I will wait for 2/3 weeks, I know that… Thanks for the reply.

I wish it was not the case but the transfers are buggy and getting a reply may take a while.

I just checked the “server transfer issue” section, is full of players with the same issue.


i got this response from zendesk
Thank you for reaching out to us. We recently became aware of issues with the character transfer feature for some players. For now, we ask that you follow the forum thread for further updates:

So fill out the form, and wait… i have since friday 28/1


Yeah I saw thx, I also sent a ticket on zendesk too. We will see.

I had the same issue a couple of weeks ago. Only help I got was them closing my ticket the second I made it and 1 mod replying in post with “Please read: Link with no information related to my issue”.

I wish you best of luck, but they straight up ignored my requests so I wouldnt get my hopes up.

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