Server Transfer deleted my Main character

I transfered to siptah with my main account and spent 3 days raiding and going through the vaults. We had accumulated so many kits/tool/weapons over the span of the 3 days. 1 of my clan members transfered back to the exiled lands after the 3 days of raiding with no problem at all. But when i went to transfer it said i couldnt process the import/ tokenfailed. I lost my Main character, all the loot in my inventory and weeks of progress. I lost all the recipes for the vaults. This just makes me want to switch games. Any news of a solution to this ongoing problem?

Send a ticket to ZenDesk. They are the only ones who can assist you.

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Thankyou for your response. I will try Zendesk now. Do you know if ill get my lost inventory back aswell?

You should be able to import your character as if the fail never happened after they help you.