Error on transfer of character from exiles to siptah now my character is gone anyway to recover? was level 60

Error on transfer from exiles to siptah now my level 60 is nowhere to be found, is she lost forever?

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The character disappeared when transferring from siptah, sometimes an inscription appears, transfer is not possible due to server settings

Same thing happened to me the last couple of couple of days I’ve lost two characters hopefully I’m able to get them back but
got to figure out what the next step is

Visit this post, as funcom refer to this one in the case closing, i guess the focus will be there

Closure text< Thank you for reaching out to us. We recently became aware of issues with the character transfer feature for some players. For now, we ask that you follow the forum thread for further updates:
Server Transfer Failed after new update 2.8 - #7 by Dana
Closure text<


Thank you for your report. Please keep all the information about this on the thread suggested by @Elmoeff. We’ll keep updating it until this issue is solved.

We appreciate your support!