Character transfer error

So I was trying to transfer a character from siptah to exiled lands today and after uploading the character and selecting the server I wanted to move to I got “error processing transfer on server during deserialization” message during upload and now I no longer have an option to upload the character on to any servers. Does this mean my character is completely gone? I could not find much helpful information online about this but I hope there is some way to fix it. Anyone know of this and a work around?

ZenDesk can help you but make sure you select transfer issues when submitting your ticket. It may take a while to get assistance though:


They got my character back to me within 48 hours! The customer service dealing with character transfer is quite spectacular.

Edit: I submitted a Zendesk ticket with the following information: character name, steam id, server transferred from, server transferred to, date of occurrence. And as Narelle stated, make sure you check the box for character transfer issues so your request isn’t lost in a bushel of hacker reports.