Player Transfer help!

Hi Guys. We want to change our server over from Siptah to Exile Lands. Its on Playstation

I need some guidance before we have over 100 pissed off players on our hands. I am not too sure how it works 100%

Is it possible to player transfer from siptah to exiles on the same server? eg. click transfer player, which then should kick you to main menu. Wait for server to switch from siptah to exiles then rejoin the same named server on exiles? Then obviously all players would have to do that at the same time I would think.

If not, im assuming they would have to transfer to another server, wait for the cooling off period and then transfer back. Which is more annoying i guess.

Thanks in advanced.

what platform? Any mods involved?

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Sorry my bad, edited it now. Playstation

I am not familiar with ps but in theory it should work. Export char, wait for map swap and then upload. Not sure if there is any time limit during which you need to upload your character or any other limitations specific to ps. The only thing to be careful about is that opening transfers will open them to all not only to your players.

If the servers run on the same IP, you may also need to enable the setting to import from same server. Try without that but keep it in mind.

Why don’t you test it with a test character?


I transfered from official pve 3728(El) to 8013(ioS) . It didn’t took me a lot for the transfer, it was just some loading minutes.
There are rules for transferring and the most basic is not over encumbered, you cannot transfer servers over encumbered. So make sure that you changed your attributes to full encumbrance, but still everything you have in your inventory are max 99% of your encumbrance and not by buffs or potions, because these are lost in the transfer and might cause issues.
Good luck.


good idea, thanks mate

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From what I understand here is what would need to happen to switch the server to another map All players in the server upload their characters into FC database (start transfer but stay in limbo). Reformat your server to the other map and open it up for player access. Then the players jump into that server.

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