2.6 stat tranfer - bug or no?

Hi, umm because i dont know if its under bug or no, i will just write on feedback, so after update i tryed again siptah —> exile lands

things that seems to be ok

  1. I am not loosing any items now in inventory
  2. I am not killed when joining game
  3. I am not leaving items behind and teleported into warmaker

But so i found other ‘‘new things now’’

  1. All sigils u learned in siptah are fully deleted in exile lands and somehow u can’t or i dont know how to learn them again , by pressing on them it just deletes them but not adding as stats
  2. Still random location at desert, this thime i started near water somewhere right from hanumans
  3. Importing/joining new server gives 90% Fatal Error.

i am sure fatal error is not intend to be there, but what about other 2 i dont really know

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