Travel between siptah and exiled lands?

Im sure its been asked,i tried search but to no avail…(ok now i see similar topics but look old)…any plans?
Im a long time vetran here,over 5000 hrs in game,ive been through way too many restarts,differant servers…all of it…gave up on the server game play,(lost everything on siptah/exiled lands from decay) now im playing singleplayer with no mods on siptah…i dont believe i can make another char on exiled lands without deleteing my siptah save…plus i really dont want 2 characters even if i could actually.
Maybe a craftable portal? Maybe only can be done on singleplayer? or maybe a mod? Something i hope.

Here you go: Concerns about server transfer

Ty Starbuck1771 got some info straight from the dev stream!

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