Travel between siptah and exiled lands in single player mode?

would be great to have that option…any plans for that?


Hey @Lexior1

There’s currently no plans for that feature on the initial implementation of the server transfer feature currently available on Testlive.
However, we will send a suggestion to add this possibility and see how viable it could be. :slight_smile:

Thanks for sending us your feedback, and if you have given the 2.4 Testlive build a try, feel free to send us any more feedback or report any issues you might find!

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Please implement this. I would be a huge improvement for all of us single player players…I would guess at least 30% or more of your player population. I’d love to see the stats.

It’s also the least troublesome transfer to consider as far as balancing goes. I want to be able to go on expeditions back into the Exiled Lands from my new Siptah base and do the old dungeons and bring back loot…which Siptah really lacks.


great tyvm!

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No plans to implement this in single player? Oh, please makes plans. Please. This would be a huge improvement for single player. I’m just stunned it wasn’t already part of the server transfer plan. So, yes, please add this plan to go, in single player, from one single player map to another single player map.


Yeah, I would have expected the single player (or duoing with a friend) as an option. Not very fun if you can’t take your character and backpack with you.


WHAT…!? @Ignasis Is there a valid reason why we are (for now at least) no getting an option to transfer our characters on Singleplayer? This is the one mode where it is not likely to impact upon the playstyles of others and create imbalance. So why are we being ostracised from the other play modes and missing out on this feature?? Is there some logic behind this decision which is not apparent to me? We as Singleplayers are paying customers also, so why on earth should our mode be treated differently to the others, and miss out on this feature?


I’d wager single player only is a rather large percentage of how people play. Not everybody has the free time to play regularly and keep the decay away.


Single player would be like letting a private server player transfer to an official server. In SP I can create an avatar, level it to 60 in admin mode, create a gazillion t3 building pieces also in admin mode, and pop off to an Official and build away.

I say let it happen, but only to private servers.

Yes. SP Exiled Lands < – > SP Isle of Siptah. SP should never be able to jump to an Online server (official or unoffical).


Eh, I’d be okay as an admin letting someone bring their character with a attributes/feats reset and to a valid relevel to unofficial servers. Would be a vaguely nice way to ‘visit worlds’ like you can do in Ark Survival. Might do a hard limit of 10 items of mats and 1 item type per weapon/armor only up to 100 lbs max.

Transfer options for admins, with or without inventory or backpack. So each admin can chose, same of course for singleplayer. Some may love having inventory transfer, while other will feel it OP.
Options are still the way to go, that’s my point.


Im not interested in jumping to an online server…EVER! The whole reason I play as a purely Offline Singleplayer is because I) I want to be able to relax and enjoy the immersion and experience when I play games, not listen to innane headset chatter and deal with childish behaviours and the antics of trolls II) In my country internet (ie-unlimited data) is expensive, sub-standard in remote areas such as mine, and often requires a lock in contract.

This is ridiculous. Singleplayers should NOT be locked out of either content or features!

Again, I couldnt give a damn about moving to an official, or for that matter an unofficial, server. I just want to be able to transfer my character back and forth from one my Exiled Lands map to my Isle of Siptah map. Something which every other mode will have freedom to do, while we will seemingly miss out (still awaiting clarification).

Im not interested in duping. Here is Funcoms current transfer model:

Server transfers will work in this order: Official PVP → Official PVEC → Official PVE → Unofficial
Meaning, you can transfer between the same level or to a level below.

Can we not adjust it to look like this?

Official PVP → Official PVEC → Official PVE → Unofficial → Singleplayer

OR…if not then why not:

Singleplayer ← → Singleplayer


I know that I can switch games in SP, Admin-spawn the same char, give the same Attrs and Feats… But it would be way more convenient if Funcom implemented “server transfer” between maps purely in SP. I’d like to travel to another map (Isle of Siptah or maybe some modded map) not only with my backpack, but with all my inventory and some of my favorite followers be them Fighters, animal companions or my battle Horse. It will be totally secure to implement this in SP.

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Yes, that is the suggestion that we’ve sent to our team and we’re evaluating it. If implemented, it would be limited to jumping between the possible savegames/databases one can have while playing in single player mode (EL and Siptah), and not to or from official/private servers for obvious reasons.

The reason why it was not contemplated for single player in the first place is that normally in online play, to recreate a character one has to start from scratch and play/grind back to where they were originally, with RNG thrown into the mix (unless being an admin and/or having access to the database). In single-player, albeit clunky, it is possible to workaround this with a little of patience. Other theories or possible reasons thrown on this thread are, to be fair, a little on the far-fetched side.

This whole feature and its implementation has been a long-term task that has taken a ton of hours of work to implement, and just now we’re reaching the end of that line where we can start focusing on considering adapting it to out-of-scope or foresighted scenarios.

So, to sum it all in a TLDR way: We recognize the QoL benefits of this addition and it’s being considered to expand the initial scope of the server transfer feature. It’s not guaranteed it will come, but we’ll do our best to contemplate the feasibility of it and add it to the game if possible.


Not trying to be an A hole here, and most definitely not a programmer by a longshot…but it will be extremely unfair to have all the online modes benefit from transferring characters to and between the two maps and leave single player out of the mix.

I would go so far as to say if the feature cannot accommodate ALL game modes including single player, it cannot be released until everyone can equally benefit from the feature no matter your preferred game mode.


Thankyou for responding to our grave concerns Ignasis. I genuinely cannot begin to tell you how much I appreciate the transparency on this issue.

Did they not realise that Singleplayer is offline…? Or did they not consider that we should be able to do this solely from one offline map to the other? (I.e.: EL ← → IoS) Singleplayers arent wannabe online players. We play this way for a reason. And even more concerning is the fact that noone felt it necessary to be upfont that this feature was never under consideration for our mode. Right or wrong, this just feels like a horrible oversight to me.

I am not going to speak for all members here, but that would be 110%, no no…wait, make that 250% fine with me! I dont play on official servers for a reason; they just do not appeal to me, and are not suitable for my gaming capabilities.

Please do it. We should have the same rights and access to content and features as other modes. We dont want to be treated as a lesser class of people.


Thanyou very much my friend. :metal: This shock revelation really has me rattled, and your solidarity on this issue means more than you will ever know.


Always a pleasure my Battle Brother! :metal: :smiling_imp:

Was quite a shock for me too. I do play online where I admin or help admin a private server, official servers will probably never see me due to high ping and foundation spam :rofl:

But seriously, once the guys have had their Conan injection they leave and I am usually left alone not nearly done yet. So I play ALLOT of single player and was so looking forward to take my character to conquer the Isle of Siptah and bring back the sweet A$$ looking dragon armors!

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Honour my kin. :smiling_imp: :metal:

Oh aye! And I was looking foward to a light and medium set of blackened silent leigon armors, the ‘faceless’ look of the new Zath helmet, and the new Slave Armors for my captive dirtbags.