Travel between siptah and exiled lands in single player mode?

So this is probably going to be my last quip in this thread, as its most important points have been addressed above. But I just wanted to add a couple of clarifications to some topics mentioned in the thread.

Nobody is treated as a “lesser class of people”. This claim is wild and very heartbreaking to read. Hyperbolic or not, it’s something that has come up twice and I wanted to address it. Please, even if as a matter of speech, do not use this wording.

Just to reiterate, game balance is not the reason for the lack of implementation of this feature for single player. More on that on my last paragraphs below.

This, along with the notion of considering single players as “lesser” leads me to believe that the scope and intention of this feature is being misinterpreted. I believe some of the conclussions reached when considering this a stab to single player are based on the assumption this feature is a kind of free (as in, at any time), back and forth, seamless method of transportation between maps.

This feature is not a free-travel portal between one map and another at any moments notice. It requires an exchange of credentials between two servers or databases, where some limited data is transferred thanks to the use of an intermediary, in this case a cloud-based server that handles the information transaction. That is, there is an exchange between two game servers where a character ID, along with some datatable values are shared thanks to a third data server. The game was not made with multi-map traveling in mind, so we had to find the better alternative in order to allow some sort of transfer of characters without incurring into data losses or corruption of data. Even at the moment of this writing, there is active work done on this feature even for online play, where our team is trying to squeeze the feature to its utmost to see how much information during this transfer can be feasibly shared. This is why there is not a proper full announcement for this feature, other than the patchnotes mention. This is an actively worked feature, even on its original, limited scope, at this very moment.

So, as a final note to my addressing the concerns, please let me ask you all to wait until we release the announcement of this feature with all its details, limitations and ways to access it before making any assumptions.

Once again, thank you all for the suggestion and feedback shared. It is being evaluated as we speak as we agree this would be a great QoL addition to single player and listen servers (co-op) worth the try to modify the server transfer tools so they can be used in other modes than online. We do love you, single-player Exiles, which is why we will do our best to make this happen if we find a way to do so.


Thank you so much for the in depth response man. I really appreciate it. Your responses are truly a relief to know you are aware of the concerns we have and actively trying to accommodate.

I really do hope you guys find a solution with less effort than expected and greater results than anticipated.
I will try and curb my excitement and be patient.

May the gods bless your code and may your axes strike true!

:metal: :smiling_imp:

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If it will ever be possible to implement map transfer for single-player, could you please consider adding an option of transfering a character to a custom map as well?


I’m a little blown away that

  1. This is being considered a difficult thing to implement
  2. No one in the modding community has already done it

An offline database copy tool should be able to achieve this quite easily, or am I missing something? Copy character and inventory, set location to valid coords for the destination map, done? Of course the “copy inventory” step would remove the inventory items from the source while copying them to the target.

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Im glad my topic is getting some great attention! My reasons for being a single player now are the same as Croms_Faithful . No need for me to say anything more on that lol. I appreciate Ignasis for letting the devs know what alot of us are looking for. Thank you all for the support of this idea. We all love this game and just want to playing!


That is quite alright Ignasis. I understand that you had work to do, and matters to attend to. Furthermore, we cannot sustain such back and forth interactions indefinately. You have already provided tremendous clarification and insight here, and we really do appreciate that gesture.

I can empathise with your feelings here, as they largely mirrored my own. When I first found out that we were not getting this feature on Singleplayer (*before you clarified the rationale and intentions to try and make it happen) my heart sank. I felt bitter, hurt and frustrated that every other mode aside from ours was getting this amazing feature. And I could not comprehend why we were the only ones who were not getting transfers. So while there was some element of hyperbole present, it was overwhelmingly a genuine perception on my part.

BUT…the time you have taken here to reach out to us and explain the situation has brought my perspective back around.

Thankyou for communicating to us how this feature would work ‘under the hood’, and for conveying the challenges which the team are up against.

I will. Now that I have an understanding of what the team is up against and the rationale behind this decision, I am only too happy to do so. Ignasis you and myself have had a long history here on the forum, one which has been overwhelmingly good and productive. And having both arrived at the same time, many of our earliest interactions here were with each other. Including our discussions on that feature which shall not be named here [not sure if you know what Im referring too, so let me just say the specifics are ‘classified’ and for that matter also ‘redacted’]. I have no reason to doubt your word or your information.

So instead like Necro I will be patient, and hope that fortune will be kind to the team and allow them to ace the heck out of this challenge; easier than anticipated, and with less effort and complications than expected. Good luck peoples!

These are the take home points which I have both understood and taken onboard. And thankyou Ignasis and developers for trying to make this work for us!

Aye, and we love you guys too. And we definately love Conan Exiles; that is why we keep coming back! :heart: And rather than just saying it, allow me to prove it. Just look at a sample of how long just some of us here in this thread have been around now.

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We are some of your most loyal clientelle and devotees, and that will not change anytime soon. We love the game and we believe in Funcom. Heck there is well over 15 years worth of loyal customer support and combined playtime in that small Singleplayer sample from this thread alone! When you consider the wider overall population sample, these figures become staggering.

Thanks again Ignasis, and I wish our developers every success.