Single Player Server Transfer

I am hoping that I can load my Siptah player character into my old Exiled Lands map, go run a few dungeons, get some loot and then return to Siptah. Anybody playing Testlive know if this looks feasible or what they have in mind?


This is also what I am hoping for. I want to freely transfer my character from Siptah to Exile lands and then back. I really want to use the same character with all the items, bases and equipment in single player.


Yes I’d like that too, just to get a recipe that takes 20 mins in EL that I haven’t found for 6 months in Slotsville.

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I would like a portal or a boat(loading screen) to make the transfer between maps more immersive, but a screen that show my caracter (like in a standard mmo) and the choice of the two maps before i enter the game will do.

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We should be able to transfer our characters, at the very least from:

Singleplayer Exiled Lands map ← → Singleplayer Isle of Siptah map.

Funcom pledged once before that Singleplayers would not be locked out of features or content, and as loyal, paying customers nor should we be. And if by chance it is implausible or was never even on the cards to begin with, then they should have the honesty and integrity to inform us of this. Can we please have some clarification on this issue?

And if it turns out that we are going to be locked out of this feature, then believe me fellow Exiles that as a purely Offline Singleplayer myself, I will be fighting tooth and nail for you all with everything I have.


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