How to get to Siptah Island?

Colleagues, stupid question: how to get to Siptah Island?

I’m playing on an old map, in the Lands of the Exiles (single, private server). As far as I remember, the developers promised before the last patch that they would make it possible to “move your character between the Lands of the Exiles and the Isle of Siptah.” Or have I misunderstood something? Or - promised and did not?

Well, here’s the update came out at the end of May. So what? There is nothing on the menu, the map is the same as it was. Is there any way to travel between the Lands of the Exiles and the Isle of Siptah? Or is it possible to get to the Island just by starting a new game?

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the possibility for server transfer is coming, but not yet active for online play, I havent seen info about single play though

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For single player, you just pick the island in the server settings when you start a new game. If you’re wanting to continue with an already existing game, a dropdown menu will appear when you click the continue button asking which map you’re going to play on. The game will then load the selected map and the character that was created on that map.

There is currently no character transfer between maps for single player either, but you do retain both characters that were created on each map. So if you wanted to, you could play on Siptah for a while, then go back to your Exiled Lands character without having to start over.

It may be possible to transfer characters if you manually fiddle around with the character files, but I wouldn’t recommend it as I haven’t looked into it and it’s not supported.


Thanks for the tip.
However, this is far from what I wanted… :slightly_frowning_face:

indeed. While i envisioned completing the bracelet quest, walking through the green wall, then waking up after a storm on the shore of Siptah… or perhaps finding a portal in the unnamed city, the jungle, or the volcano leading to the other map… that doesn’t appear to be what is going to happen.

Either way, the character transfer feature hasn’t been released yet.

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If you’re using a PC I’m pretty certain a mod or two has been put out that will take care of that until the official one rolls out.

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In case you missed this update:

Thank you.
True, in my menu there is no such line - “copy character”, there is only “re-create character”. Perhaps because I haven’t played on Siptah Island yet, at all.
In any case, this is a strange shamanic dance with a tambourine. In ten out of ten any other games where such an addition would be added, a teleporter would immediately appear on the map.
What could be simpler than two interconnected teleports - in the Lands of the Exiles and on the Isle of Siptah? But simple solutions are not for Funkom, as it seems to me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There’s a reason it’s not that simple. In essence the Isle of Siptah and the Exiled Lands are two separate games. Each map is running on it’s own independant server. So it’s less like moving between zones in an MMO and more like trying to import a character from say, The Witcher 2 to The Witcher 3.

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Yep. As explained by the devs in a stream a couple of months back, connecting both maps on the same server would easily double the server load, and as servers are already kinda burdened, it’s not an easy option.

No, it’s because Patch 2.4.6, mentioned in the post I linked, is not live yet. It’s the next patch.

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Well, so the teleport “physically” can be a transition to another server. What problems? And yes, I understand that the download process will be quite long. But it will be something logical, fitting into the gameplay and understandable to the player, and not poking buttons in the menu (and not everyone will read this manual - which buttons to poke).

Not really. All the resources of the Isles of Siptah are available to players in the Lands of the Exiles, and vice versa. I can get any monster, NPC, any item from the “Island” through the admin panel - except for the Island itself :laughing:.
Remember the size of the update when the Island of Siptah appeared? We downloaded all of this for ourselves. Where did you get the analogy with “two different games”? This is the most common large DLC, only with a map on another server.

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