Exiled Lands - Siptah ship "travel" (not really) that serves as immersive "Character Transfer"

Would it be possible, at least in single player, to have 2 static ships (or boats), one in Exiled Lands and another on Siptah, that would perform the “Character Transfer” between the maps, making it much more immersive?

In multiplayer, the EL ship may have a Siptah merchant who sells some rare materials from the Isle, and vice versa.

Is it possible? Not until they fix the issues with character transfer deleting characters in the process. Until that hurdle is overcome, there won’t be any transfer between maps in an official capacity.

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I thought it still worked in single player? At least I used it recently multiple times, and it was fine. Not talking about online servers, there it could host merchants from the Isle/EL.

well, what your are saying would mean a server transfer is even involved. What the OP asks for is simply a map transfer. This would mean, that Funcom would need to “add” the EL and Siptah vice versa to existing servers. In other words, all servers contain both maps.
Technically possible, I’d say, but probably impractical.

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That’s a little more complicate than it sounds. The two databases for the two maps weren’t designed to talk to each other. The mod that allows transfer and the online interface that FC made (that didn’t exactly work 100% of the time) use some shenanigans to do it.

The safest way is the the third method, which is to do it manually by using a SQL editor and drawing the character file from one map and inserting it into the other. This is kinda how the FC method worked. But to avoid duplicate characters on different servers they would auto delete the character from the source and hold the data in limbo (their transfer service) until you entered it into a source. If that failed, the character was lost. Forever if they couldn’t recover it from the intermediary service.

The reason its safer if you do it manually is there’s no deletion from the source and if you mess something up, you can load from a backup without disrupting service for other players.

The mod does something similar, but rewrites the character upon switching maps with data from the source. This is not a simple process since it requires 3 servers. One for each map, one for the intermediary talking to the maps.

To have one server run two or more maps would require a significant amount of changes to how the maps are access and saved to. I don’t ever see that happening. We’ll see Unreal 5 before dual map servers.

Something like that. Talking only about single player and making it immersive, I’m sure for multiplayer it would create many unnecessary problems that are far beyond just adding two boats and a button.

1. Turn the “Copy Character” menu button into a 3D asset on the map you interact with. Same button, but it’s on the map (in shape of an interactive boat in a harbour)
2. Instead of “Copy Character” it says “Travel” for example
3. Then you load up the other save / map as you usually would and it puts you at the harbour with copied character as if you traveled.

Basically all as it is now, but with two 3D assets and placing you at the harbour when you load up the target map.

*The mechanics of single player “Character Copy” function wouldn’t need to be changed, just a make-believe cosmetic that makes it more fun to roleplay.

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