Transfers between maps?

How will that work?

By selecting the map in the main menu before we log in?

Personally I hope for:

We build a boat while on one map and sail out, at some distance we get a loading screen and then enter the other map. So we could travel between the maps ingame and have bases on each map.

Still no small animal pens? That makes Santa sad.

The sailing transfers would also give the pirate city more meaning

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would not agree with a huge toll but to avoid too many huge bases there could be a preset to allow a main base on one of the maps and an outpost on the other, much smaller than then main base.

Perhaps an Portal, like we have when entering an Dungeon. But this Time they load the other Map

But i can see an problem, if they keep this bound to their Funcom ID. What will happen with Players, that already have on both Maps an Avatar? Are they allowed to select one and delete the other?

I hope they thought it trough

What a lot PvE players will not see again:

The PvP aspect of this feature. You can have your main base on Siptah and then travel to the Exiled Lands in order to raid the poor souls, who do not own the SIptah DLC. Which means they can’t take revenge.

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Was it stated anywhere that this will ever be a feature?

in the latest producer letter

This isn’t an issue. Right now Siptah runs on a seperate database. Unless Funcom merges Siptah and Exiled Lands servers (which would be more work than its worth). What happens is all servers become Exiled Lands-Siptah servers. Effectively their databases contain both.

So Siptah servers will simply get EL data, and EL gets Siptah data.

The hard part is physics. How to get servers to run both maps at the same time without stressing the hardware. Though if they do multi-core support, this becomes a non-issue and we see some crazy benefits also (officials become actually playable).

But as far as having a character on two maps, won’t be an issue, you’re on separate servers when you do that. Even in SP its mimicing two servers when you select which map to play. If they make this an option, you’ll likely have to choose which database you want as your primary. Or simply have an option to play both of them, just not as one combined thing. (unless they give us a way to combine them)

I doubt they do that.
I THINK all they gonna do is to let people transfer characters between servers - seems lazy but more beliveable.

That would not be a lazy undertaking, that would take some interesting SQL wizardry.

But no, they’ve said they will allow us to run both maps, which includes the private servers.

The map is a bit big for 40 players as is imo, now they wanna double the map size? I hope that’s not what they mean.

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I hope that they do it so two servers are tied together (an EL and a IOS) and you have to have IOS to play on either.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if they make you able to transfer between any server, so clans can go from server to server and wipe it all and disappear again without you having any idea where they transferred to :see_no_evil:

Or even better… They will make some fix to body vaults and in the same patch make people able to transfer to some dead server and hide their loot there…

Gonna be great


My guess is it won’t be traveling, but the ability to transfer the assets in ones inventory when they log out of the other server.

Something like
I create (or recreate) character on Siptah. Options male female transfer. IF I pick transfer it will transfer a character i have logged out on another server. Atts, stats, and anything on my logged out body o f old server will load in at the starting point on new server… Thus you have a level 60 with anything you wanted to start anew. To avoid duping, when you choose the character from the other map, it :kills: the body and all loot is deleted that was on you. So you can still log in on the old server, but will be naked in desert with empty inventory. So basically a one time transfer of sorts. Again total guess, but that is the only way i see it working, as i believe the maps are technically on different servers, thus teleporting is not possible.

Guys, you hope that everything can be transferred from one server to another, in order to be able to raid and then disappear into thin air. You don’t see the real problem with this. There are already a lot of problems with cheaters. Try to think if now these cheaters can enter any server having already the character ready and in the inventory everything they need. They raid anyone then they go to shun undermesh on a server. This way you give even more power to those who use cheats. Before creating this type of game, I think the possibility of using any type of cheat should be removed. And in any case I hope that all this change will only happen in the official servers. If this happens to private servers as well, then the problem will be even greater. You will see people arriving from a private server, where they will use the admin panel, to raid all the official servers, and then return to take refuge in the private ones. In my opinion, the best choice is not to give the possibility to transfer the characters and start on a new server already at level 60 and with the inventory of another server. Think that in the last few weeks there are many players who bring all stats to 50. Here, now imagine if they use cheats and if they are given the opportunity to travel to all servers. In my opinion it will be the end of conan.

@rockvision - They’ll have to set up cluster IDs for each region most likely, and have an option in settings to “transfer” to whatever servers are in that cluster. I don’t see them spending big money on more servers, and would be shocked if they did. You will not be able to just jump to any server anywhere, if the cluster IDs are different. Logging into a server that is not in that cluster will just prompt you to create a new character.

I hope we don’t have the option to get back once we move to siptah for this exact reason. For pve it would be an awesome change tho

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