Please make a way to travel between siptah and Exile Land soon

It’s a bit frustating to play wether on one map or another with different character.
I just started a server on siptah with friend since a month, and now we can’t enjoy the new dungeon or we have to play on two server.
it will be planned on day to take a boat and swipe between the two map??


That’s what we’re hoping for.

If you have a clan on both servers, then it might be possible. Otherwise, gotta wait for the transfer to open again.

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I believe the only what that will ever happen is if they prevent players from going between maps while bringing the unique thralls, pets, materials, armor and weapons along with them from Siptah to the Exiled lands.
You can do it in Single Player BUT, they removed that “bridge” in multiplayer because of the devastating advantage it gave to those who came from Siptah to the Exiled lands.

Not entirely true. People were losing their characters more often than should happen. It happened to me. Twice. First time it got rolled back from the previous server reset. Second time nothing worked and I lost it for good. They tried like 6 times. So, no, some PvP players like to feel like it was all about maintaining balance between maps. It wasn’t.

Regardless, it should only be able to be done by PvE players and one time transfer from PvP to PvE. Other than that, no PvP transfers will help keep the peace just fine.

The design of the game was not made for that. It will take a lot of changes to allow that to happen.

I, among many others, have made mods to travel from one map to another, make insertions of maps (yes, I can make an Island for exemple and put it in Siptah’s ocean dynamically, but if that will be for the better of the game, that is another issue entirely).

Then you have the problem with the fact that siptah is paid content. It wont be that easy to ensure that a server cant really just let people in Siptah freely. Like you can go to my server and enjoy paid content from Bazar and etc because I can put it in the game.

And there is the problem with the thing about pvp. To allow it, you need “pvp flag” so people dont simply flee through map change. People wont build an army in the “portal” and invade stuff in one map from having the other map to grow.

Then you have economy.

Siptah is a rich and varied map. You can simply “stumble on gold walking through the forest”, so it would be a nightmare to balance the fact that an hybrid map, those who dominate siptah can subsequently dominate the exiled lands.

And the economic factor wont care if it is the pvp or not.

As has been mentioned several times before, PvP should be barred from anything more than one time transfer to PvE. PvE’s only issue is big builders. Though these players will build regardless of the amount of materials and the ease to acquire them. So no, economy likely would not be affected, since there’s really no major economy in Conan, other than say alchemical base. And even then, that serves no unfair advantages in PvE. What are people gonna do? Complain that someone can make more health potions and armor padding than everyone else can? :roll_eyes:

Unfortunately, yes, what is “not an issue” for the players might be to make happen.
Everyone knows what good this can be to players, but to make it happen it must be a worth that worths its while.

As a simple feature as-is, it is a single 4 boxes blueprint section to make it happen.

Sadly though, ALL THE IMPLICATIONS must be addressed, and they are not just “move to other map”.

And, one or more can MENTION anything they want, the problem is not what they mention, the problem is: Mention how to do it too. How do you think you bar pvp from doing it ? You simply remove that feature if pvp is enabled ? How about timed pvp ? How about flagged pvp ? How about the fact that I can use riches from 1 week of siptah to pound anyone in Exiled Lands in there for a month ?

PvP is not only “fight”, you can dispute resources, space, time, whatever with other players , and simply -DISMISSING- this issue wont make it go away. IT is not because one dont know to do it that it cant be done.

On top of that, who do you think you “prevent builders” ? Besides moderation and reporting ? How do you establish a just line between a abuser and a prolific player who excel in the game and dominate space for that reason ?

There are a lot of considerations.


But that is the fun of making the journey! Having Siptah decor in my EL city is wonderful.

As for the difference in weapons, they need to balance a few EL weapons and armor to Siptah standards, no?

Also, the longevity of this game may depend on multiple maps and a transfer between them like a different sandbox survival game has, the one with prehistoric pets! :wink:

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I’m not sure if I’m not understanding you, but the idea of barring PvP is a likely a simple change to the coding that already made it so PvP players couldn’t go BACK to pvp after transferring to PvE. Your arguments seem to only cover pvp balancing, when the simple solution is just to not allow PvP to pvp transfer, for ANY map. No EL to Siptah, no Siptah to EL, no EL to EL, no Siptah to Siptah. None, at all. Just PvP to PvE, then PvE to PvE.

And yes, reporting PvE spam builders is a thing, just as it always has been. That wouldn’t change whether transfers among siptah were added back or not. So I don’t follow any of your post… sorry? :thinking:

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Speaking from an old lady’s point of view. I know not a thing of how hard to combine or the effect on things to do so. I also play on a private server, where most days I am alone all day. So resources or how big my builds are is not an issue. I love the forest in exiled lands. The diversity is beautiful. When we went to Septah I missed it so much. Now that I am back in Exiled Lands I miss my Septah beaches. I do wish there was a way that they were one map. I know lore-wise some event would have to happen like maybe if you buy Septah you get stranded and your bracelet breaks or was never activated. So you can cross the barrier. Other than that I do not know what technicality it would take, or the cost to the company .

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