Are there more than one character on single player console?

Does playing on siptah erase the character on exiled lands and vice versa? I would like to do both with the goal of moving one of the two characters to a private server to complete getting feats. Since I don’t know where the server will be I’m just gonna do both.

Relatedly, it doesn’t seem like I can transfer from siptah to exiles on single player console, which would be ideal.


I fairly certain can not transfer from a offline game to a official or private server otherwise you could admin alot of thralls! Etc and be way ahead of the game. If you are interested I have a Exiles server and a Siptah server private message me for information.

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In single player one has separate Siptah and Exiled Lands games. Starting a new Siptah does not erase an old Exiled Lands nor vice versa.

In the hierarchy of server transfers, one may not transfer a character from single player to anywhere else.
Single player mode has admin privileges, which can create very interesting characters when used sagaciously.

There was a full post about it, but basically, in the following list, note that one can transfer from a server to the same type of server any server type beneath it.



Can people on single player get all the feats on one character without using the admin panel?

Grind those fragments of power. Craft them into tablets of power if you get that recipe from the library or a vault.

Please do not hold me to this @Notary, however I believe that you would need either the admin panel or to do a server transfer. Some items are specific to each map. For example, vault armors and feats are unique to the IoS, and to the best of my knowledge, cannot be obtained on the EL without one of the two aforementioned methods. Similarly, certain feats on the EL such as the king beneath weapons. A similar principle applies for certain pets and thralls. For example, a lynx cub would need to be obtained on the IoS.


It would be interesting to test if it can be done with a server transfer plugin: From Single Player to Private Server.

But private servers have that potential too. And even impossible things. There are things an admin can do for you on a private server that are actually impossible on Officials. So the correlation is 1:1 only depending on the private server’s Admin.

I won’t be testing this myself. Using the server transfer mod, one has to setup a web server. Basically when transferring this way it copies your level, feats and inventory to an interim web server, logs you on to the destination server, kills you, and then upon respawn populates your inventory, level, and feats from what was stored on the web server. Anyway, it’s a PITA to set up - more work than I care to go through for testing this. Maybe someone else will?

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This one shall inquire with the admin if one of the servers this one plays on.

But to further address the feats question.
Mea Culpa, as mentioned above, some feats are only available in specific maps. There is no source of dredger on Siptah, for example.
However, to go farther, there are several feats that exist which there are no way to take. They are data mined, but not (yet) used in game without mods.
Not unlike the Mummy of the Ring

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