It IS TIME to bring back server transfer to Siptah (and between official maps)!

Ok, it have been a long time since i used this forum, so i dont know if its the correct place to post

But… Funcom, really?

I bought Isle of siptah JUST BECAUSE i could travel between the two maps with my character.

I did stop playing the game for some time, only to receive the news that not only you removed the server trasnfers, but also, didn’t bring it back for MONTHS!

I dont mind creating a seaparate character, but for me it’s not fun, i like the feeling to be the same character, even if it is not “lore accurate”. Also, i like to bring stuff from one map to another.

There is other game that players can always travel from servers, without a 24 hour cooldown…

Conan is not a game with few players anymore! What are you doing with all the bazaar, battle pass and dlc money?!

I PLAY THIS GAME SINCE IT WAS AT VERY BEGGINING and hienas did hit like the arena champion, if you know what i mean…

I don’t think you will read this topic, but anyway, i am really angry about this, how can you not bring server transfer yet? And just ignore players who asks for it?

You did manage to bring stuff you told that was “near impossible” for the game. I was there when you tought it was impossible, and now we have these stuff! Why cant we get back server trasnfers?!


Sure - youll be stripped of everything. The only thing that goes is what you know.

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Probably a good idea to test it.

I got plenty of characters i can use to do it too.

If you would transfer without any gear or materials then it would be fine. Otherwise it’s bs since you can bring better Siptah stuff to EL which just isn’t fair. And the big clans who transfer just to raid and instantly move on are now history, that’s great. Maybe transfer between PVE servers only, then it wouldn’t matter.


Official servers have been completely ruined anyway, so you will not find enjoyable gameplay there. Private servers can use Amunet’s Server Transfer mod for travel.

Siptah is a pathetically failed experiment whose only value is as a travel destination from the Exiled Lands. If Funkhram had any sense at all they would implement travel like Amunet’s does and allow free travel between EL and Siptah. As it stands Siptah servers are empty because Siptah is trash (and also the victim of an even more brutal bug campaign from Funkhram than EL).

From a PvE standpoint, this is useless to me. I bring stuff to and from siptah and EL. Your idea is a PvP only idea and, honestly, seems silly. The best option is not make transfers available for PvP-to-PvP… or with nothing on your person. Either way, this idea doesn’t fly for PvE.

Its still being worked on. The old system had a high failure rate that resulted in people losing characters and needing extensive support to get them restored. That was a bit of extra work for those qualified to do it. So its likely being developed from scratch.

I have a suspicion, wouldn’t call it a theory yet. That there is a future system that might be tied into transfers, with some other features involved.

Either way, they’ll say in a devstream when server transfers are going to be ready or canceled. If they’re not talking about it, its because its still being worked on and in a state that isn’t worth talking about yet. It wasn’t shut down because they don’t want people swapping back and forth, they definitely do. But they want better controls and more reliability, with emphasis on it being more reliable.

No, it makes perfect sense- bring items over is how we got into the mess we are in now. People characters lost in transit and i believe some havent recovered since.

So until that issue is resolved, its not going to happen.

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I agree, that’s a big issue. Mine was one of the ones permanently lost. They attempted to recover it like 6 different times over the course of a few months. So I understand that. That being said, I think they shouldn’t just rely on empty inventory transfers and call it a day. That’s only gonna help players once, maybe twice, and kill the use of having two maps. They need to figure out how to do transfers effectively, since that actually helped rejuvenate interest in both maps… for me and many others on PvE anyway. We all loved it. It actually encouraged us to play on both maps equally. Find something cool on one map, bring it to the other. Short on rare resources on one map, bring them over from the other map. Need a proper crafter thrall, but no such luck? Transfer one over.

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This requires them to run/pay for at least 2 servers though. It’s not as easy as just installing the mod and then people can travel between both maps.

Sorry to hear that :disappointed_relieved:

It’s really absurd how inept Funkhram is. Amunet’s mod makes a backup when you transfer, and can maintain a series of backups. Backing up data is so basic, I can hardly grasp how Funkhram managed to mess up server transfer so bad.

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No clue… it was nice when it worked. Alas, we on officials and consoles have no such luck with mods.

As long as Siptah gear maintains the power advantage and is a separate paid dlc, it is p2w if server transfers are allowed. Yes it’s pvp, PvEC only thing but it has to be taken into account. Transferring naked is also p2w with the RNG aspects of Siptah. Your EL character has significant advantage in Siptah when you recipes are all available and you don’t have to grind down the hours of play to obtain them

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