What happened to server transfer?

I know that the question have already have been asked, but it seem we are still waiting for an answer, and all threads about server transfer are now old and, of course, closed…

So, i’m not asking if server transfer is coming back, but when… Because it was a needed feature after the introduction of Siptah. That feature was later removed… To be reworked?

I saw a lot of infos about what funcom is going to change in gameplay, or add in the bazaar and battle pass… But nothing about server transfer.

And guess what, that’s something i really want to know. I want news on server transfer. Yes, want, as i expect an actual official answer. I’m quite upset about the total lack of infos about what you intend to do with server transfer, or any possibility to travel from exiled lands to siptah and back with a character.

New number. Who dis?

I doubt we will see this come back just because it’s not a critical feature and too much headache for all of the pvp servers.

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Yep. though the conept of transferring server to server to server is a lovely one, in Conan Exiles’ case it is not easy/possible it appears - certainly not when looking at the sheer complexity of retro-fitting it to a game that was never meant to have it. When you add to that the exploitative nature that Transferrance brings to the table, it’s not something I would expect anytime soon either ways.

I would certainly love it returning as I have a couple of servers I play on. But, I have to accept that the core game was never engineered, thinking of tranferrence as a factor. Apart from the fact that it brought in a slwew of exploit mechanics, it also got completely messy depending on server to server, what to actually bring across, how to fairly stop it from being a method of griefing servers by marauding clans - it’s a long list of cons.

It would be interesting to hear what players like @Hoarmurath believe would be fair content that players should expect Tranfer to Transfer, including how often, whether just the character, or 'all you can carry, or everything, or what to do if the character is part of a Clan on one server, but not on the other - does that player get to ‘steal’ all the materials from their Clan on the start server… - Server transfer is complicated to say the least.

In my opinion, Transfer is completely impractical - but I would be interested in hearing practical methods of how players believe transfer could/would/should work.

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If they bring it back I would say you never get to go back with the same character. That character gets one chance on each server and if you want to play on that server again, post transfer, they you have to start new.

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Why are you asking when instead of if? If is the current question, not when.

I personally believe transfer will come back someday, but it is entirely possible that it will not.

I think any intention by Funcom to bring it back is hampered by needing to commit to the new Ages/Chapters. If only they had a time between Ages to catch up on unfinished content and gain some breathing room for side projects like making the transfer system more robust and functional.

It will come back when the next batch of official servers are about to be closed down.

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If they are pvp, they will be merged instead of closed down. I don’t know about pve and pvec, as I have only seen the merge work on pvp.

It’s not a true merge because Funcom can’t fully merge 2 DBs from 2 different servers.
Buildings is a huge issue and some clans may occupy the same spot making full merge impossible.
So they simply “transfer” characters from a closed server to a new server.

Merge as in one gets wiped and closed down so people from that server could either transfer or wait for the merge, hence my answer. The moment those merges were done, the transfers were disabled.

God I can’t remember anymore. It was sometime during the AoS release wasn’t it? I have different toons in different servers based on what was important back then (EL knowledges in Siptah and the opposite) and I see these guys have undead packed in the fridges so I believe it was going on in the beginning of AoS but lost track if it was right before or right after the new Ages system)

While technically true, that isn’t really how it went down.

Transfers had serious issues prior to the mergers, Funcom delayed disabling transfers until after the mergers were finished because mergers without transfers was a worse option than the major issues from having transfers open.

Once the critical need for transfers was over, they could finally disable them without causing even more problems.

You mean the mergers? It was over the course of February-May, 2022. Transfers were disabled on the 11th of June, 2022.

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