What happened with server transfers?

The thing we’ve all been waiting for: server transfers.

It was postponed with the promise that there would be more information a.s.a.p.

Is there any news on this score?


No news as yet. They are still working on it.

What does that mean though? Are there technical difficulties? Or are they trying to figure stuff out gamplay-wise? How long is it going to take? All we heard is: “We couldn’t make it in time, more info will follow shortly.” And that’s about it.

You new to the forums? This is FC’s style. Now stop wasting time and go buy more DLCs…

I’d love to buy a new DLC. It’s been over a year. Great idea!

Where can I buy the Stygian or Summerian-styled “craddle of civilization” type DLC? Been looking on Steam for the past 4 months, but I’m affraid I cannot find it. :cry:

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Alas, it does not (yet) exist my friend.

I guess coding is a big process? I don’t know why. Coming soon is all we have for now…

It’s got be more than a coding issue… how do you stop popular servers from getting overloaded with high level players? It’s a good QoL improvement but there is a step that comes after people are able to cluster back with their active friends:

Cross Server Clan Wars… how do you handle this?

I feel like Instance Servers where you could transpose/duplicate your Character, a few favorite thralls/pets, and a good loadout of materials would be better? The Instances could be limited time events with rewards you unlock or have deposited back at your home server.

The other thing to consider is that Conan Exiles game completion system is pretty much a ready made Prestige Leveling Method without a system. Something like this could make character transfers nearly moot except for Roleplaying Servers.

Of course, they did simply promise Server Transfers… so I hope we see that soon if they aren’t going to go for something bigger or bolder.

I think there are issues with property ownership when you leave a server and that is why the feature needs more development. The ideal scenario is you move from server to server and retain ownership of your thralls and buildings when you leave/return.

That’s why having a “transpose” or duplication method would be better than having a plain Transfer.

What you’re saying makes a lot of sense, otherwise you might have people join a clan with nothing, then transfer out and loot a bunch of stuff as they leave. Or someone who belonged a clan or had favorite thralls might be told they can’t take them with them if their clan leadership prevented it.

What a headache, huh?

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