New character required, or can we play this with existing?

Will we be required to create a new character or can we move existing characters over? This looks really good, excited to try it out!

You’ll need to create a new character and there is no transfer of characters or inventory from one map to another:

The server can only run one map at a time, not both simultaneously.

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I’m in the camp of those people disappointed by this. It looks like I’ll have to wait till some mods, or Conan Tools, will allow to import the character, with all hard earned unique recipes, from one game to another.


I dont really understand why people want to take their char to the new map. Its not like you cant play both maps and keep your existing char on the old map. Why would you want to be instant lvl 60 with resources(which maybe dont even exist there) on the new map? Doesnt help you in any way because you dont even know what to do with that level without exploring the map first. And everyone starts from scratch there so you dont have any disadvantages at all.


I guess this is the exact reason why it is not done. They don’t want you to skip half of the content on Siptah because you have earned the goodies in EL.

The reason people would want that is because they have already invested into that character. Basically what they are doing is starting a new game which will split up their already dwindling player base making the servers even less populated. Let’s be honest, they are shooting themselves in the foot by releasing it this way. If I buy it at all it will be for the dlc stuff to use on the old map


Agreed, thats all i say because my posts get constatly flagged by … you know what because im not politically correct enough.

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That’s a stretch though, unless there’s something I’ve missed.
You can literally run past enemies to get most recipes, and with the help of thralls you can breeze through most pve encounters if it’s an actual drop you need.

Compared to ARK for example where you actually have to spend a lot of time to do end game content it’s border line silly how easy Conan is. Also why it gets boring real quick once you reach max level except if you like to build or rp.

Hoping there’s more for pve players to do in the expansion :slight_smile:

Let’s wait and see. I think they need this new map to keep Conan alive somehow and attract new + old players. Otherwise the numbers will keep on dropping because alot of the OG players are really bored with the old map. Now many people are coming back to Conan after some months of break.

We are starting over…

Given the choice for money, Id rather start a new on Star Citizen. A new better game, with ONE universe.


Yeah i was dissapointed aswell, over the no transfer and so on but i also get that.

They will get new players in but unfortnuatly the old playerbase is lost all the hard work and hours put in for basicly a promise of a new map that became a “new” game map.

I will probably buy the DLC anyway however give the DLC 1 yd it will be in the same state as the old exiles.

Also to keep consol players to wait 5 more months just to start all over again is not a bright move, even if i get that the experience of the DLC will be much better with a fresh character.

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But you do not lose anything? Your old char will still exist, still be able to play the old map with everything you have. IF you are not a pvp player who would have to hide his loot somewhere you are losing exactly nothing. If you are, well then its a bit harder but there are still ways how you can keep your loot and your char so you can just go back to the old map whenever you feel like it.

Yeah i got that :slight_smile: what i meant was you will lose everything from previous game when starting on siptha :slight_smile:

Exiles will be intact i know that

You will have two toons and bases, so the 1.5 hours every 4 days to prevent decay is now doubled.

I’m sorry, but I can’t see the problem. please help…

Is it the way to level 60? I doubt it will take longer than on the old map. so I’ll be on level 60 after a few days. no problem

the recipes? If the recipe makes sense on the new map, I am very confident that we will find it again. If it doesn’t make sense, I’m glad that my recipe list is not cluttered with useless stuff. No problem.

So what’s the problem? it can’t be level 1 or the old recipes… but what else?

and by the way: what is the alternative? an instant full epic and legendary equipped character that runs completely overpowered through everything and after 2 hours he/she hits this forum and complains because everything is sooooo easy and boring?


I really don’t get why you would want to travel between the 2 worlds either. I’m trying to understand but I can find no way which makes it easier for me to understand.

Since not all the resources change im pretty sure there will be brimstone again. Imagine having 2 or 3 spots on the new map and another 5 on the old one. Now you at least need some efforts if for example the jungle brim is blocked on privates. If you would have 8,9 spots to farm brim it would be soooo easy. That would make pvp private servers even faster than they are right now. Same if it would offer multiple starmetal spots for example.

Also, on the old map I got every single thing you can have if it’s weapons or thralls or whatever multiple times. What for would I need the new Map then? Clearing all the new dungeons once with my legendary gear and thrall and then? I’m gonna be hella bored again because it took me what 3? Days to check out the new map instead of at least 2-3 weeks. Doesn’t sound enjoyable to me and I’m more than glad that the 2 maps are split.

Too many reasons against it (not only mine also counting from others) and the only reason for some people to want linked maps is their greediness.


Yes too many reason against not allowing the new be an expansion for the old map.

People are divided over this. Some say it doesn’t matter, others said it does

What we are all in agreement is that the player base will become thin in official servers.

And that it’s all the grind again, it’s the same game, same everything with a different surroundings, some with very valid points believe it’s unnecessary to star over something that is a grind wr all experienced already on the old map

It’s not greed, some people are casual player and dont want to experience the running in rags over the Noob river or beach in this case.

Others are experienced players that are attached to this playthrough. (my case)

Sure,some admins have rented a server for the old map since day one and never had to wipe their server once.They have added 100’s of buildings,storylines and other stuff.They have spend 1000’s of hours building and creating for exactly 0 euros . You think they are greedy? The mod community already confirmed that they will start as soon as the new map releases on a way to connect both maps so the most loyal admins in CE can keep their community and old/new maps together.

No, you can play with your existing character with all the hard earned posesion and enjoy all the new changes in the game that include the temperature system, the rhino mounts, the healing item changes, etc.
But, in order to play in the Isle of Siptah you will need a new character to start and to buy the expansion.

For now. :slight_smile:

Do hope that changes