Seperate map or Linked?

When it is a new Map, on a Separate Server(Partition), why it isn’t possible to Switch the Worlds? Thru a Portal or something. Why I have to start new instead playing my old Charakter?


Thankyou for the information Glaucon. Forgive me if this is a no brainer, the hour is late in my country. So can we transport resources, followers, and even our current characters between the two maps?


Question does every player need to buy the DLC to play on a private server … or will you enable to just need server owner to purchase the map and everyone else can play just fine but leaving Singleplayer and coop unable to join game because of map lock?

From his previous reply… the answer is no… you are starting from scratch… its basically a new game in disguise

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It may be the case Antibody. It does say on the following site that we can pull NPCs in from the Exiled Lands using portals too though.

I am not sure if that includes previously tamed thralls from our previous character or not. But it seems we can use the new building pieces on our old map.

While I would have preferred to keep my old character, I dont mind starting a new one. For me it is just reliving all the fun of the ‘first’ Conan Exiles all over again.


Hey there,

To clear any confusions.
To play on Siptah, you will need a new savegame/database. they are not linked, but separate maps. However, as part of that update, we’ll be adding the option to swap between those maps when loading a game, meaning you won’t lose progress on the Exiled lands or Siptah when playing on the other map.


Oof, lots of people aren’t going to be happy about this one lol


are you implying while playing on Siptah, your Exiled Lands bases will no longer decay?

There’s no implicatures in our clarification. But to make it clearer:

  • On the same server, it won’t be possible to run the Exiled lands or the Isle of Siptah simultaneously.
  • On the same server, it will be possible to keep a different database for the Exiled lands and Isle of Siptah. When launching the server, it will be possible to select one map or the other.
  • If playing on different servers, please make sure of your current decay timers (if enabled) on each of them.

Are there later plans of giving players the opportunity to travel from one map to the other? That would be great for roleplaying purposes!


So, it’s a new game. No matter how it’s dressed up, that’s what it is.

Now, the important question becomes, are you now going to stop developing content for Exiles?


I was really hoping these would be linked in some way either by it being on the existing map or have a connection between maps, honestly I’ve played this game for a while and with all its problems I can’t see that changing in a new map but to also not be able to carry over any of my existing progress from the exiled lands and having to wait probably 6 months for it, I’ll probably be on to other things by then.


Ignasis a question. Will our character in Siptah retain some or all of the Feats our character in the Exiled lands had? This includes basic ones suck asan iron axe, through to unlocked/discovered ones such as specialist cooking, obsidian weapons and other religions? I hope this makes sense.


And by calling this an EXPANSION!

First, there’s the technical reasons that Glaucon and Ignasis explained. It’s a new map, and (in case this wasn’t clear) Unreal Engine can only run one map at a time. Given this, it makes more sense for them to use separate save files so that the game engine doesn’t have to load all the database stuff for an area that’s not being used.

Secondly, since each map is designed to be experienced independently, where would the challenge be if you started in a new land at max level with all your end-game tier equipment? The progression and building-up your strength from nothing is the whole point of a survival sandbox. You don’t buy new games and then immediately activate max loot trainers to breeze thru them, do you?


I’m so disappointed at the usage mechanic. Private server owners are going to have their player base hugely impacted by this.

All maps should be live hosted On each server and players chose which they want to log into when going online - that’s the logical choice here. Can’t believe they didn’t consider this. Now owners are going to have to pick which map they will support and either choice is going to cost them well earned players.


Unless I have completely misunderstood the breakdown…

Yes. That’s what I am worried about too. RP community is screwed until such patch goes live.

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Its not a “new game”. It’s literally advertised as an “Expansion”. They should’ve marketed it as a new game mode or something being as we cannot “Expand” on our existing stuff.


Hey @Flawless

It is an expansion pack including a new map and content. It expands the game, not the map.
For more details, check out our dev stream tomorrow at 5pm CEST: