Questions about the Isle of Siptah

I’m looking forward to learning more about this new map / new experience. And as a Conan Exiles fan, I have many questions; here’s a few:

  1. We will be starting new characters on the new map. So, will there be a level cap increase on the new map?

  2. Will there be a new character design (attributes) for the new map?

  3. Will there be new feats the learn that are not available in the core game (new skills)?

  4. Will sorcery be added to the new map?

  5. Will all the features from the core Conan Exiles game be included in the new map? (same combat style, same recipes, DLC buildings, DLC armors, DLC placeables, etc)

  6. Will the rhino mounts seen in the trailer be usable as “siege” (break walls)?

  7. Will the new map be set up in concentric circles of difficulty (easy on the shores, but the further inland you go, the more difficult the map’s enemies become)?

  8. Will all the existing biomes be present in the new map?

  9. Will there be new biomes coming with the new map?

  10. How far out into the ocean can player build a base?

  11. How will religion work on the new map (trainers to learn other religions)?

  12. Will we be able to “port” to Jebbal Sag’s domain to learn the religion or does he have a trainer on the island?

  13. Will there be new materials to harvest, mine, chop on the island (and new recipes to learn)?

  14. Will there be gliding allowed on the new island?

  15. Will we see Purge improvements for the new map?


Alot of good questions I anticipate a answer to them.

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Will the expansion be modable?


I’ve seen it stated that the game itself will not be affected, so if you have DLC from the previous map, those recipes will work on the new map.

My question is though, is if the server runs the new map, and a player has not purchased the new map yet, will they still be able to play on the server? (Just like other DLC, they wouldn’t have access to the new Recipes?)

As a Private Server Admin, we don’t want to have to keep the old map just because some players can’t get the new one. We’d prefer to allow all our players to keep playing with us. Having to run a separate instance of the old map would drain our server resources, and would split our community.

Thank you.


I hope they cover these questions on the stream tomorrow.

Also, how about new animals to kill and new food recipes to learn.

I read somewhere today some one said yes but it was not official

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Will there be obelisks and teleporting? (I hope not, since the map was planned with mounts :grin:)


I could do with out them. People can not block what isn’t there.

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I hope not. Its one of the most broken and glitchy mechanic


They have stated the map is 3/4 the size of the old map.

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