New regions for siptah?

I heard the isle of siptah was supposed to have 3 new biome regions like floodlands, ashlands, and savannah. But when 2.3 came out they weren’t around. So i’m guessing 2.4 does anyone know any additional details of when we will get them or when the next patch will come out?

scroll down a little till you get too " New lands, purges, new religion and much more "
First paragraph

We are expanding the size of the Isle of Siptah to the south, and with these new lands the overland map size of the island will be over 90% that of the Exiled Lands. This area will be divided into three different biomes, with the Ashlands, the Floodlands, and the Savannah.

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:frowning: i’ve had many people in game not believe me either. I just wanna know cause i wanna set up base in the ashlands biome but i’m getting impatient D:

There was a source or some kind of dev stream where they said they wanted to put in a fast travel system once the map has been expanded but to exactly how it will work out they said they haven’t decided.

Well, we do have trebuchets don’t we? :wink:

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I would like to catapult my thralls inside other players bases, full in attacking Mode and max range.

And if i have to, then i would gladly catapult myself also from West side to East, Cali style.

Now that you mentioned it, hell yes! Thralls on Mounts!

Dude! The fire Orbs on thralls After 2.3 :)))))

I Think the black corsairs throw 10 orbs at you in like 15 seconds :))

The dev stream if I remember. I think they will be DLC. Been almost a year since the last one so Funcom needs money. FC will have to earn mine and they are not off to a good start because they can’t even keep their own timetable for releasing patches. The month is almost over and no parity patch yet.

Hey hey,

Not to cause panic here, but Update 2.4 is called “New Lands”

:eyes: :dark_sunglasses: :palm_tree:


ITS PANIC TIME!!! But any estimated time frame? 1-4 weeks perhaps?

You are harmless @Ignasi .

Can’t say the same about those angry orb trowing thralls, i panic each time i hear the First Explosion. Because i know, where 1 explodes in like seconds expose 4-5 more.


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