Siptah is coming but

Hi guys,

Isle of siptah is coming at the end of may. So when everybody is playin on siptah, what happen to exiles Land?! Do exiles Land get new contend?
I am asking, because i ask myself if its worth to play on exiles Land or its just waste of time?
I have got a very big base with +150 lvl20 thralls and i think when siptah is playable that exiled lands is out of date?

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There are even more maps available on PC and people are still playing on Exiled Lands.


It’s just another map option. When it hits, you’ll probably see a dip in Exiled Lands population because everybody will be checking out Siptah. But there will still be plenty who prefer Exiled Lands and come back afterwards.


Map transferring will be a thing so, why not both.


I will be doing both. Once you have Sipath you should be able to make at least part of the new items in Exiles We have been admin some stuff and pets to my ConanExiles server and there’s cool stuff.


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