Server plan for Siptah and Exiled lands

Siptah is quite popular right now to the point of a large chunk of customers can’t access what they paid for on official servers while exiled lands servers remain barren. Obviously server maintenance is an expense so the solution would be redo some exiled lands servers to siptah servers. Can we get some warning on this and what specific servers will be wiped and repurposed? Maybe like a week or two so those of us still playing on those exiled servers can plan next steps within our groups?

has it been stated somewhere that Exiled Lands Servers would be wiped and converted to Siptah servers?

I don’t hope so… I don’t have siptah and I not interested in siptah at the moment. I am still waiting to continue my pvec journey. For now I am playing on pve official.
Anyway I never hear that they want wipe the exiles land

Nope but it makes no sense to keep empty servers up and running while there is literally raging going on with customers trying to get into the new product. It’s a smart, low cost, solution to the problem. I just want them to take into account is handful that are still on those older servers into their calculations and let is know…and sorry the 50 or less amount that are playing on those servers aren’t going to be the priority for the thousands that are purchasing new content and are frustrated…life doesn’t work that way.

maybe the servers are empty because people cant login due to the programming debacle that has essentialy bricked up several servers for the past few months…

so you are saying what you want is more important than what others want…cheers.

I one or two month the siptah servers will be empty again and than you have too much siptah servers and maybe than they need to make it back to exiles land. Would you be happy lose your time you played on these one?
BTW the most people I know don’t play now becouse they waiting for fixes.
I am only at my base the last time for few hours becouse don’t want fight against invisible enemies.

Tonight I will try the ssd workaround and maybe that helps

Ah no… I’m looking at the demand going on right now and not letting what I feel cloud my judgement. My personal desires are irrelevant and I can play either. I like the game… but really feel that exiled lands is stagnated…I actually think funcom should do a fortnite thing and every so often reset all servers with new content. It keeps the game fresh and that’s more important than your or my castle of server XYZ.

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I dont believe that is the real reason people are not playing. I have yet to run into conditions that make the game unplayable. I think that is an excuse people are using and even of legit…they are now irrelevant to the conversation because they aren’t coming back anyways because they will just rage quit again when a new problem pops up. As far as dropping everything I built on a server…it’s all 1s and 0s and if you are so focused on that, your priorities are skewed. The point was playing the game… preferably with people…not amassing huge amounts of stuff that means nothing outside of a virtual world. If you are playing just to upkeep some in game stuff, take a break…you aren’t enjoying the game…you are too busy worrying about stuff that simply doesn’t matter

have you tried logging into a PlayStation PVE-C Server lately?

so what do you do when you play on this new server, just run around naked???

That is not a good Idea, player’s have invested a lot of their time on those server’s, built their palaces tried to keep them alive because of all these server issues, and they will not give up all of that for someone with this kind of attitude to it, i am playing siptah, but I want my exiled lands back with all that I have worked and played hard for, so no I don’t agree with this suggestion

PvE-C? Oh ok that explains it. Yeah I don’t put faith in official pve-c…that has been years of issues that simply isn’t solved so probably never will be for exiled lands.

As far as restarting, yes run around naked…just like you did when you first started the game. The journey is far more important than the destination when games are concerned…it’s not about winning or loosing but having fun. The feeling you had first starting out…running around trying to literally make hut of stone that would last longer than a day…Talking to a person you don’t know or trust to see what they want…planning you base and you next steps for strategies…vetting them with real people…that is what I looked back on…not how Uber cool my castle is or how I organized my gazillion legendary weapons.

Sounds that you are not longtermplayer. I can’t spend much time for playing becouse of real life sh*t :sweat_smile: so I play few hours per month, but I do this for a long time. And I already lost more than one time all and started from zero becouse of different issues.
I buy every single dlc without watching what is this dlc before I buy it. But for siptah I said to me that I don’t do this until they fix the pvec and now also the grafical issues.
I watched some videos of Siptah and i like the exiles land more than siptah, so I would buy it only for the rhino mounts, stromglass and float buildings.

BTW funcom says once that they never will wipe a server, so I don’t think they will close one.

The hype for siptah will end in one or two month… That’s not long… I am waiting over an half year to login into my pvec server :sweat_smile:

You are talking business logic. This Forum doesn’t like that.

I agree. The best time any game has to hit huge sales numbers is on release. Word of mouth is always the best advertisement. And since word spreads that people Paid for something but could not fully use it, the gamers on the fence will pass. Then by the time servers die down, they will have already invested in another game. That is how you get low player counts on servers that never really reach the potential that this game could have.

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