What will happen to the bases that are already standing?

Good afternoon! Following the news of the expansion of the siptah map that I am so passionate about, I have a question. If NPC camps are to appear, there may be bases that are built on that terrain. Will they notify us in time to move? Will they just appear and the bases will disappear? or the servers will be wipe? what solution have you thought about this. I’m talking about official servers.

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Stated many many times by the devs and community managers:
NO there will never be a server wipe on official servers.

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I don’t think that applies to Early Access, I know the Exiled lands wiped a few times before release.

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Watch the video, it is about Siptah


And, regarding the disappearance of the bases that are built in the areas where camps will appear, does anyone know something?

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Maybe in the maelstrom? where there are no bases

That I don’t know but with updates to the Exiled lands the buildings didn’t get removed as far as I can recall. They just extended the edges with new land.

I think increasing the map will have a simuliar effect and affect only the small connections to the new land. I don’t think the devs will change this drastically so that bases on those locations will be damaged in the end.

If it happens, don’t expect a refund for the missing parts of the base though.

Everytime they added to the map in Exiles there was a total wipe. Just so you are aware. They haven’t added to the map since it’s official launch. But yes they did mention they wouldn’t wipe in Siptah but with such a drastic change and addition with it still in EA they may still wipe. Hopefully not though.

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Whatever, release Siptah as is and get back to developing exiled lands. It’s the better map anyway.

No, siptah is far more superior than ezzzzziled lands

in siptah you actually have to earn your thralls.

Seems with the addition of new NPC camps, a complete wipe would be in order. I’m okay with that, by the way.

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Wouldn’t it be better if it was a wipe? Don’t really understand hanging on to pixel bases.

Play unofficial and stop complaining about wipes on official.

not for me. I have been playing on the same server with my clan since the first day of siptah. We have many materials and many warriors t4 lvl 4 to make us disappear with a stroke of the pen. They would make us lose our “job” for a long time