Cleaning of structures on the map?

I wonder if with the entry of the new patch, there will be a wipe of some kind either of structures because I assume that level is not (although I would not care).
My question is due and I hope nobody bothers, to the fact that there are areas where the new content will go are already occupied by players with buildings.

and I believe that only removing or destroying what is obstructing would not be ethical or a good administrator. Why harm some players and not others, when we have all worked to have a base, it is not right

There will be an official announcement soon. There won’t be any wipe on officials but the builds that happen to be over the camps will probably be partially or fully cleaned up. For private servers, it will be up to their owners how they want to deal with the issue.


And as most of the camps and adds are within the Maelstrom coverage zone, player builds are not an issue. As @Narelle says, private servers are Admin-resolved. On official I am guessing that players will re-base or things like that, but you will still have players, as with Exiled Lands, building as close as they can to camps.

I am guessing we will see a flurry of forum complaints if camps appears over player bases causing player bases to explode. I have had to dissuade players on my server that have mysteriously started building second bases suspiciously close to where the new camps are rumoured to be based… :smiley:


As @Narelle said, we’ll make an Official announcement about it soon and before the update hit the Live servers. As for private servers it will be matter of choice of their Admins.

Thanks for your concern and keep an eye out for further news.

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I feel very much for those players/clans that may find their builds impacted by the Siptah revision.

That said at the risk of sounding a bit trite: This is exactly why they threw the “cloak” of “Early Access” (Read: We couldn’t finish it internally in time - Blame Covid) across the DLC. So major changes could be made if need and lets be a tad fair they would not be doing it if the feedback had been less… honest.

Also if your not on Test Live and this blindsides you then I am sorry but you have a period of time to see whats coming make changes!

I have been building as a side project a Modded version of Siptah to suit my preferences… I have had to spend a couple of evenings relocating and rebuilding stuff that well is on top of the new camps and its bloody frustrating I can tell you!

But fairs fair at least I can do this now while its in test live and not have it totally ambush me whenever the 2.3 adjustments go live.

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