Official server wipe when patch comes?

Are there any plans for a wipe soon?

The official servers are broken cause of the dupbug with dismantling benches. Foundation spam everywhere, and people have millions of mats.

I know official servers rarely are wiped, but it’s really needed.


More people would be hurt? How?

People have unlimited resources. And claiming land everywhere. So how will that hurt new players, if new players not even are able to build on a spot?

And to be clear, I dont mean the pve servers. Or atleast, I dont know if pve servers having the same issue (I guess not). But PVP is not even fun because of how it is atm.

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Are you really sure about that? They are maybe just not spamming bases everywhere but having lot’s of mats in the bases they have. I’ve been on several servers. And it’s the same problem there aswell. And how it is now with the set that costs brim + steel to pop a bubble people will be able to have a bubble up for years.

The current glitch isn’t so much of a problem in itself. The real issue is toxic players that abuse it. I wish the servers could all be wiped but that would probably also hurt the legitimate player population.
GMs are basically needed for this problem. Console has had especially toxic clans that have used the most recent dupe exploits and others for awhile now to bounce from server to server on wipe/troll campaigns. Basically, they dupe a bunch of resources, power level with XP exploits, build under the map ( or glitch into certain areas with certain techniques) and then stock pile where no one else knows where they’re at.
They might build a legitimate base that gets wiped over an over again but each time they just rebuild and talk trash knowing they have the upper hand. Then the smaller tribes get wiped by them, the alphas get tired, start quitting and the exploiters move in for the kill. They then make nice snazzy propaganda videos about being pro “PVPers” wiping alphas but the reality is they usually always exploited to win.
Other times they know they can’t win so they hide all their crap under the map and spam foundations to stop other players from gathering resources. They even login every so often to refresh foundation spam and their stashes out of pure pettiness.

Exploiting would not be nearly as bad if there was official GMs that jumped on servers where legitimate reports of exploiting took place. Until then expect that busy / popular servers will all have some level of duping/cheating/exploiting happening. Might as well leave the servers be without GMs to go after the problem players.

I doubt there will be a wipe as well. But the problem is that from my knowledge of friends, it is spreading like wild fire. Because in order to keep up with the joneses, people are prepping with huge stashes. I mean HUGE STASHES of steel, star metal, tar. ON PVP, it is definately going to kill off any new players chances and in essence make those servers troll fests. On privates, we are stuck having to make a hard decision soon. Could i ban all suspected exploiters, yes, but then why have a private if 90% of my player base is banned. And i only have to be wrong once to spread a negative tone about my server. My thoughts are wipe official PVP, but leave player levels alone. Then do a 10x harvest month to allow those that return to build up swiftly. the real players will return because they understand. The Exploiters will be the most pissed, because they thought they had grief tools stashed. If that goes well, then maybe move thru PVE-C and PVE leaving player levels and buildings alone, removing only their stashes.

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Seeing the player count before the free PS Plus, on PS4 the only people with a years worth of play were only on refreshing bases just becasue. So PS4 wipe would probably balance the game for incoming, and possibly stregthen the number. I mean, EA people got screwed if i am not mistaken. And alot of those are on here. These are free to play servers. Only your time is what is invested. And if you treated it like a job and didn’t have fun, then that is on you for over valuing virtual property. I personally had fun, and the loot was just a cherry on top. Wipe my stuff, i can always rebuild. Because playing the game is fun. not babysitting vaults of unused mats.

My assumptions are based on 1 year of playing officials, and feedback from my private server. Every Alpha i have ran across resorts to cheesing. It is the nature of th egame. I accept it. Those that turn a blind eye are only kidding themselves. Friendly Server is in the eye of the beholder. IMO, those that won;t reutnr to rebuild only love the advantage of their stashed loot, not actually playing the game. The team i ran with always had a motto, use it or lose it. We made bombs, and then we used them. We made building mats, then we sued them. It was way more fun than when i first was in an Alpha. We stashed and stashed, until we all got bored. some moved on, others like me went into wanderer mode to attack fat Alphas of other servers just because we could. Once we felt we did enough damage, we left. Because it would get boring real quick to treaty up and then just farm. Alphas on PVP server are glorified PVE’ers who have rich retired grandpa complex of “get off my lawn.”

Can confirm. Clans that I know of both friendly and foe have all pretty much been doing the same thing across multiple servers. If they don’t, they get wiped b/c people are building like everything comes out of thin air. Branch runs are a huge thing now. It’s already bad enough we have to glitch into the map or under the map just to wipe obnoxious trolls with ridiculous hidden stashes there and now we’re dealing with absurd minecraft styled land claim wars out in the open. Not only is blocking off nearly all obelisks a relatively easy thing but now the brimstone areas are getting walled off or turned into huge black ice parkinglots full of cheap tames/thralls. Bubbles are glitched everywhere too and now people are building massive bubbled fobs outside of enemy bases. . .its getting ridiculous

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@Ignasi has specifically stated on several topics asking the same thing that there is no server wipe scheduled or planned.


I have literally quit PVP officials and broke up part of a clan becase i refused to participate. At the same time, on officials i know why some of the “good” guys are goiung to have to resort to it. So now i sit and try and find some fun in running my private server, like King Conan at the end…

lol I know the feeling. The few clean alphas i knew got wiped by toxic exploiters and then wind up doing the same tricks on other servers just to stay in the game competitively. Now every official pvp server with seasoned vets is turning into a toxic, laggy cheese filled messes. They just need to launch a handful of new GM moderated high player capped official pvp servers. Friends and I would even consider paying funcom a monthly fee just to play on official clean pvp servers rather than dealing with the same type of exploiters who can’t play the game as intended. I’ve considered private servers too, but competitive pvpers don’t see the appeal of low pop privates or servers ran by admins with biases towards friends.

Okey. One thing, I rather a wipe to get stuff ordered out instead of people having duped bases everywhere. I guess that people that have played on a server for 1 year and never got raided is less then the amount of players that gets raided by the dupers/big clans day in and day out.

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The game already has a defense for abandoned buildings that are destroyed by themselves when the player does not play for a few days, cleaning the server would not solve anything, it would only leave several people sad because they lost what they built and maybe even stop playing.

I play private solo coop, but curious about what the issue is. Dupbug means duplication bug? How are the dismantling benches related to that and what is foundation spam? :thinking:

These aren’t abandoned. These are built with exploited duping, and possibly spider/webbed for easy refresh. It is only going to get worse, as people log on and basically can 5x what they have on certain resources in less than hour. And can do that every day. So over a week it is exponentially worse. 78,125 x the mats worse. and i am being generous.

Simple, everything that the player does is logged in, developers could access the database of the server and delete only those players who used the exploit, I play daily and together resources and build my base, I am 1 month to finally be finishing she, if the game simply restarts itself I would stop playing.

Banning people is always iffy, because i believe some on officials, especially pvp, are only trying to survive. And technically speaking the mechanic is not cheating, it is just cheesing it to exploit for the “duping”.

I’m gonna say this…I’ve been playing on the same server for 8+ months now. I have 1 main base and 2 smaller outposts. Inside my main base I have 120 large crates. Only maybe 10 are empty. I don’t know how this dupe works or care how it works. I play legit and try to be helpful to other players. 90% of the time I’m in my encumberance build. I go on runs of stone and wood and collect 25k+ each time I do it. I’ve randomly gave other players in the start area tons of supplies to help them out. If I login to the official server I play on and my stuff is wiped…I’m done with the game. Ive dealt with all the problems since beta…dashboarding and coming back to see i walked off a cliff and died…which back then there wasnt a marker showing where your body was…all the way up to still dashboarding now but luckily im geared up enough where i generally wont die…plus a thrall protects me from being killed by wildlife. I agree that if people are using some cheat that it’s lame and they should be kicked from the server…it’s just a matter of proving it. Likei said though I go on big runs but I only play with the ol lady and thats when she even plays…mostly flying solo…now if I was in a clan and we were all doing big runs like that…that’s a lot of resources that could be collected legit. Just saying they have to be able to prove someone is using the exploit to take advantage.

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