#WipeAllTheServers for the sake of the new update.


lol no

tell me why, wiping the servers will bring more players.

At the cost of old players. You’ll wipe people who have been playing for years and forcing people to start over instead of giving them a choice. There’s nothing stopping you from starting fresh next update, but it’s not fair to force everyone else to do so.

Dennis already said very clearly why in the livestream. #NeverGoingToHappenIntentionally.

This isn’t true.

And if it was, the issues you are wiping for would immediately return. Its a lose/lose situation.

I’m for wiping PvP officials.


  • Exploits i.e. undermeshes, skybases, exploitative builds
  • Hacks
  • Body vaults
  • Old items that have no purpose to hang on to
  • Duped loot

Leave PVE, PVE-C alone as the overwhelming majority favor no wipes on there.

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is it possible to crash a public server? . I don’t want to know how just curious to know if it’s possible??


I just hope very few people know how to do it xD

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It’s been reported by myself and others multiple times. On one hand thankfully it gets delisted pretty quick but on the other hand no solution.

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this don’t make any sense

this is my point.

It only doesn’t make sense if you can’t understand there’s people out there who aren’t you.

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