PVP servers should be wiped after people did things they shouldn't

Take two because apparently mentioning a “certain thing” occurring in game on the Forums means the thread gets unlisted/hidden.

Most likely going to get flamed but I REALLY feel we need a fresh start.

After a month of endless bombing the only intact clans are the ones that did a naughty thing best and most. They are sitting on dragon hordes of mats and vaults full of bombs. My home server has gone from the odd direct connect clan to them now being in the majority. Everyone is tired and the new wave of people quitting has just begun.

Now of course we can just take our loses and quit playing for a few months and the issue will solved themselves and I am also considering this an option. But I with a least 25 affiliated characters I assume they will just go to sleep with invs full of gear waiting for the server to recover just to destroy it again.

As somebody with skin in the game and would be affected just like everyone else I suggest it might be the time to hard wipe PVP servers and have us all go in clean.

Enforcing excess pings from connecting would also go a long way to fixing some of these problems as the combat is very janky fighting lagging players but that is a separate conversation.


I wish you luck in your uphill battle.

As for me

This is the only real option it seems


Quitting the game and letting battle passes expire might be the best option for many, because we know for certain the people that were doing things they shouldn’t aren’t buying anything beyond the game and any items that will give them the advantages they seek.

It will put pressure to fix things as it is always down to the dollar.

I would prefer however not to submit to bullies and bad practices, because I really like this game. I love the lore, have always enjoyed Howard’s characters and Exiles actually feels like it fits. (even though the ending cinematics or lack thereof is really really subpar and you should update it when you have a chance Funcom)

I only play PvP because if things aren’t being destroyed, characters dying and items lost it just isn’t right to the world. But at the moment the world is in the hands of people that have engaged in practices against TOS due to an error in coding by Funcom

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The wording is all there but I believe you are pointing the finger in the wrong direction

I’ll stand by my reply to your first thread: I believe a wipe will do more good than harm.


LOL! it wont help but try it and see. Its PvP your supposed to lose stuff.

Totally fine with losing stuff to legit play. Not fine with losing stuff to people who abuse oversights in the coding. A clean slate will do a lot of good imo


It does sound like pvp is such an unbalanced playing field at this point that a wipe is the only solution.


I wouldn’t worry too much about players having excess bombs due to the recent event that cannot be mentioned. The event just replaced how items were crafted on your interactive wheel. The bombs were just placed directly from there so the only way to store the bombs would be as pre made explosive jars. This would need a lot of storage space to have a useful supply. It would be far easier to legit craft dragon powder and store that.

Also protesting by letting your battle pass expire would kind of like be shooting yourself in the foot. If you saved your Crom coins earned from your battle pass then the next one is free. If you let it expire you may have to pay for it again. So your protest may just make other people happy.

If you wish a fresh start, you have the option. You can roll on a new server or use the recreate character option. There is absolutely zero reason for a innocent third party player to have to endure losing all progress on their character or losing all of their buildings because some people did a thing that may not even impacted the server they are playing on.

There is only one reason and one reason only for a server to be required to wipe. That is when the server will not boot up on a restart, and only if all measures have been exhausted to fix that issue. All other reasons are simply subjective.

I respectfully disagree with your post. I can go to a new server for a fresh start myself, but this does not give the exploiters a fresh start, which only exacerbates the problem because my fresh start puts me at a massive disadvantage.

I believe that server maintenance involves more than just the mechanical aspect of the servers themselves, but also the health of the playerbase. Therefore, I believe that a wipe is the solution to the current dilemma.


We experienced an inventory wipe for Frozen North rollout. Started from Level 50/50 myself. All level progression and feats remained.

All server .DB were wiped during Rollout in May 2018 when we left Early Access. G-Portal rather hamhandedly reused same ports on same IP addresses for entirely “new” servers. So every server you thought was fresh wiped inherited clan after clan of people who knew each other. Horrible execution.

After rollout we had an Item Wipe, to clear out orbs and dragonpow. It seems exceedingly easy to do this.


That wasn’t done on the server level and was handed down via the item table. It affected private servers and singleplayer as well. It was one of the worst things Funcom has ever done. Its also why they’ve never done that since.

I don’t know that it was so bad. Worst was PvP or PvE where a guy legit ground the orbs himself. And the dragonpowder. My clanmate, for instance, it really hurt to be impugned by inference like that.

Meanwhile Private Server owners had any option open to them for claims and reimbursement. I would think those Admins would want dupers to be dealt with in an automated fashion. As for Single Player, if they engaged in conduct not intended by the Devs, they are just as culpable and it’s every bit as easy to reimburse oneself.


I think having PVP be a year round event and getting wiped afterwards is an idea worth merit. The servers can be split into months where at the 1st of that month it gets wiped and refreshed and so you know what you are logging into and how much time is left.

We didn’t have any issues with dupers on the server I played on, and reimbursement was a horrible affair considering the server was a 70 man server that was full during prime time. While a private server has an easy time reimbursing items here and there on occassion, it gets stupidly hard and mostly impossible when you need to do nearly 200 people.

I would assume it’s done on that scale in a way similar to how I’ve had it offered to me. On a large-scale Private when they did a rollback due to a Fly hack, we were asked to submit our screenshots for reimbursement of certain items. During that time, they said they did pretty much the same thing for the official Item Wipe(s). Thinking… three items, probably time-consuming but not too rough for active admins.

It might just be better if they fully tested everything in test live before bringing it to official servers. The ‘D’ word has been around since the dinosaurs walked the exiled lands. If servers were wiped every time the ‘D’ word showed up then players would be lucky to even make it across noob river.

Now you’re just speaking crazy talk :stuck_out_tongue:

And I want to be clear with my support on the current subject of wipes: I’m not suggesting that we wipe every time we have this issue. However, we’ve had several issues over these fast few cycles, and the game has reached a tipping point where a wipe will fix more than it breaks imo

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Yup I agree with this entirely.

The balance PvP wise is now with those who have done things in game that shouldn’t be done and now clean players have to dislodge seats of power.

Conan is not balanced, and that is fine. I don’t think I would like it as much if all things were equal. Its a constant puzzle. However yes it is broken as a result of bad patches allowing players to censored.