Wipe PvP officials for 3.0

Removes body vaults
Removes duped jars
Removes duped Harden brick, steel reinforcements and shaped wood
Will make 3.0 launch insanely fun on officials with everyone starting from scratch.





Negatives for YOU none. I’m sure that quite a few of the established clans that got to where they are legitimately are not keen to have their work destroyed. Requests for server wipes are not new and funcom have said plenty of times that wipes will not be a thing.


As much as that does sound like a fun idea, having everyone starting from square one again with maybe some apocalyptic sorcery event happening, it would definitely p*ss off a lot of already established players who have dedicated their time and farmed for hours and hours to make sure the foothold they’ve built up in their server is secure… though from what I’ve gathered from 3.0, we’re all going to be entering new ground anyway, maybe established as you might think you are, it might not mean much when 3.0 drops and the game changes… who knows, maybe those of us who are well established and have bases full of juicy loot MIGHT end up being at a disadvantage as we explore the possibilities of what’s to come??

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But if we call a wipe a “merger” it is suddenly fair and balanced, because only those who had gotten to where they were through other than legitimate means were impact?

This one jests.

As much as this one thinks that every server should have been wiped in the incursion fiasco so that everyone could start from the same nothing… The time when that could have been implemented with the pretense of parity has passed.

Perhaps it would be a good idea moving forward to have the still existing officials be designated “evergreen” while any other servers added would have a designated reset period, somewhere in the month to season range.


I am in a clan that is established in my region. We have bases on every server in our region. Countless body vaults on every server in our region. It’s boring lol.

So many duping exploits in the last 6months. needs a wipe


Successful PVP games refresh periodically in order for everyone to be on the same page. If this is to be viewed as true pvp, wipes need to happen. If the game just wanted to keep full risk play, then stop calling it “pvp” because it’s not the intent of the design. That design has a name call “life”.

I disagree about wipes on Officials. I just got somewhere again since the last merger.

I’m sure if you have always been in a clan then the solo influence is probably being ignored.

Nope solo player mostly but not vested in anything because I can’t get a foothold started outside of my stash site…why? Because a 3yo clan on the server refuses any build up.


Just open like 5 new officials in each category for those who would enjoy a fresh start instead of fighting and grinding against clans with 1k hours on the server. It’s that simple and probably interesting for pve players as well if they really want to build on a desired location which is taken on another server.

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That sounds like wiping a server just to out one clan.

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Tbh a thing like “seasonal” servers should’ve been added a long time ago

It still aint to late imo but it is to late for the existing officials which should be left alone.


i support this idea.
similar to private servers only that official, rise and fall, rinse and repeat.
even if it is 1, 2 or 5 i think those servers are going to be a succes.
if you don’t want a wipe, then play normal officials.

One clan on that server. Different clan on a different server but essentially the same thing. One clan that refuses to retire but has a base and resources of more thank a year worth collection held up and smiting down anyone that gets their attention. That isn’t pvp but just a metaphor for life and most people game to get a break from life. Pvp denotes a game where players play against each other at an equal footing at the start. Think of playing monopoly but having one guy having 5 trips around the board before anyone else. Does that sound like fun to you? Me neither. That is the state of PvP right now. Power only exchanges hands if the squatter clan losses interest and the attacking clan has equal or greater numbers…which the cycle just starts over and new players get turned off and the old guard pats their back on driving away the ‘losers’… ignoring that the numbers of PvP players never increase.


At present, there are no planned server wipes. Funcom in the past has given six weeks to two months lead time with announcements about server wipes.


That’s a shame. Thanks for replying.

I’ve said this a few times over the years. Wipes are only needed for server performance and database corruption. They do not fix any issues listed in the OP here.

Private servers that wipe on the regular get away with it because they have communities that enjoy it. That means each and every person who decides to play on those servers enjoys the occasional reset. But there are servers that do not wipe on the regular and when they do, they invariably lose players when it happens.

Officials have attracted mostly those in the second camp due to their stable nature. It makes no sense to wipe unless they absolutely have to. The only other thing that would make sense is making new servers advertised as wiping on the regular. But as it stands now, there is no reason to do this to existing servers.

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Just watch the leak, it is not meant to enhance pvp. So for FC, official pvp is fone as far as innovative ideas.



Punish all PVP players because you do not like the actions of some.


Incorrect. PvP has a common ruleset but penalizing a clan because they have been on a server longer than others is an odd ask.