It is time to wipe officials

With duped T3 walls from one end of the map to the other, it’s time to do some housekeeping FunCom. Wipe already.

Instead of a wipe, why not fix the real problem causing it? Believe me, once a wipe occurs, there wont be too many days til dupers will do all over, again, and again, and again…


Yea, if they wipe then all us non-dupers lose everything and the jackasses will be back at it in a week. I’m more likely to just say forget it and not go through the hassle again.


For the Nth time, wiping hurts legit players and does squat-all to cheaters, dupers and other exploiters. It’s not a solution.


Before they wipe they need to at least prevent the problem from happening again, otherwise a wipe is useless and only hurt legit players.

Once they’ve gotten to the root of the problem, they can wipe it.

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Only if they want to lose a bunch of players.


A wipe would provide a “fresh start” for everyone. In the best of worlds they’d punish/ban the cheaters and allow the legit players to just continue.

Aye. Not everyone particularly wants a “fresh start” though - others having cheated the game into absurdity, well… it’s not really a concern of mine. And if I did want a fresh start, I could go and get it myself.

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A wipe… Are you thought about pve’s player ? we invest a lot of time to build, protect and make friend with player, helping each other… A wipe will be the end… so stop talking about wipe please :slight_smile:


And instead of wipes, just create PVP hardcore servers (not seasonal wipes) with 2 day decay timers, 5x harvesting, 10xp. An have fridges not be cryo-chambers for anything. Blitz style servers for PVP in general would be best.

And to show i am serious, i will be using my private PS4 server to experiment with it. The only thing i can’t do is the fridge deal.

Message me if yo want to be part of the test.
10x xp
5x harvest rate
thrall craft time 1/2
pet craft time normal
NPC’s 25% stronger
6 Man Clan size
Raid window still 6 hours (cant enforce offline without bickering…come on Funcom, server timestamp the players list screen!!! already)

Only question, if i set the thrall feeding system back on, will it work, or is that just left over UI in g-portal that is useless like the dmg sliders by npc/minion?

Actually I was referring to PvP servers, could care less about PvE servers.

Report it to Funcom with screenshots and details. If someone is actually duping all of those walls - reporting them may seen them removed.

So you do care about PvE servers?

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Got 'em

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